Enough is Enough!

I am three and a half weeks away from 'THE BIG DAY' which is great since I am at the point where enough is enough! The past three days I have realy not being feeling very well, my tummy is running, my entire body aches and I get a pain very similar to period pain. What used to be braxton Hicks Contractions that had no effect on me whatsoever just a lil tightening is now becoming an extremely uncomfortable experience. I have read what the signs are of labour but unfortunately I lost my mucuos plug at 32 weeks so I cant even rely on that as indication that something is going to happen soon. Is anyone else feeling so yukky at this stage where pregnancy is no longer a pleasure?


  • hi im 32 +1 and i already feel very uncomfy all the time lots of braxton hicks and head butts or punches in my lady bits that make me gasp (very painful) im just fed up of being pg and just want my body back now still working full time in quite a stressful job and will be working for a few more weeks yet which im finding harder and harder, esp as my employers r not caring or supportive at all but still i only have 55 days left !!!!
    hope ur lo appears soon and u start to feel better xxx
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