10 weeks pregnant with miscarry worries

Hi, hoping someone may help me stop worrying. 

Im nearly 11 weeks pregnant. 

Had a scan at 8 weeks and saw baby with heartbeat. 

About 10 days ago, when i wiped there was a lump of jelly like stuff, squidgy but firm. Grey coloured. 

Ive had no pain at all and only a slight light pink bleed on wiping (once) a week after the weird lump. 

Still have pregnancy symptoms. 

Anyone had anything like this?



  • The chances of miscarriage after seeing a good heartbeat at 8 weeks are less then 5% so you’ve definitely got an extremely good chance that everything is ok. 

    pregnant women produce a lot more vaginal discharge due to higher hormone levels... usually this would be watery or milky but maybe If it accumulated at night while you were laying down then it might come out in a blob the next day. Did you have sex recently by any chance? That might be it too & also explain the little bit of pink as sex can irritate the cervix. 

    if you’re still having symptoms then that’s a great sign. 

    Try not to worry... just mention it to the doc / midwife next time you go 

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