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Gestational Sac Shape

Hi Ladies

This one of my first times posting but was just after some advice. I had some very light bleeding at 5 weeks so had a scan. They could see the gestational sac and the yolk sac but nothing else at that time, so they said they would scan me again in 2 weeks as it was too early to see much.

The sonographer commented tho that my gestational sac was an irregular shape. From one angle it was round (which i think is what it should be) but at the other angle it looked like a little kidney bean with a teeny bit missing from the middle of the sac.

I just assumed sacs were all shapes. I've googled it and can't really find out much info, other than some of the scan pictures I look at do not seem round at all! I asked the midwive and the dr but they seemed quite puzzled as well and just said maybe because it was so early it was just difficult to tell. Just wondered if anyone had anything similar?

Thank you

P.S. I don't want to worry anyone or have anyone look at their scan pictures and panic. I'm sure any shape and size is fine if little bean is healthy and growing away. I think she just commented on it because it was so early and said it could go either way and because I had the bleeding.
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