No more scans!

I had my booking in and scan last week and everything was fine. However, where I stay, everything going well, we won't get another scan. Obviously, I hope everything goes well and I have no NEED of another scan, but the thought of not seeing baby until the birth gives me mixed feelings. I know I can pay to have one done privately, has anyone else done this?


  • i thought you had one at 20 weeks to check for abnormalities? i might be a bit thick but i thought it was standard? if it was me i def would have paid for another. how far gone are you?xxx
  • Hey, I'm 14+5. They don't do the scans until 13 weeks so they can see abnormalities then. And no, it's apparently not standard in Edinburgh for any other scan, unless something is wrong. While I agree with the minimum intervention idea, it's quite a long time to not see my baby, and I feel an extra one would at least stop me worrying about stuff. xx
  • Oh dear! Thats not so good, I heard one of the other girls say you only get one scan in Edinburgh as well. Could you afford to go private? I had a private scan done in Edinburgh and would highly reccomend it, it was at turnhouse and the staff were great. It was called babes in the womb and I thought the prices weren't to bad, I had a letter from bounty offering me 10% off a scan. Maybe an option you could look into xxx
  • if it helps your stress levels then go for it! also hundreds of women have 2 scans so im sure there aint damage being done more like nhs cutbacks (i am sceptical i work for the nhs!) i would have one if all i had was a 13 week scan but thats me xx
  • hi,

    i'm in edinburgh too! thanks for the tip on Edinburgh scan babydevil - I'll look into that. I had found a babybond clinic in Livingston. Me and oh definitely planning private scan.

    How do people get their bounty pack and stuff btw? I've not had my booking in/scan yet so dont know if it's something you get then or if i have to register online.

  • i got my voucher for bounty mum to be pack when went for 12wk scan in a bounty pack gonna get mine from asda as it gives you a ??5 voucher for baby things in asda WOOHOO LMAO
  • Hi,
    when I was expecting my second, hospital policy was not to tell you the sex even if asked, and I wanted to know so I paid for a private scan and found out I was having a boy. It was ??65 (i think!) and was done at 23 weeks. Here in Wales its standard to have a dating scan at approx 12 weeks, then an abnormality scan at 20weeks.

    Got to admit I thought this was standard accross the country as there are abnormalities they cant pick up at the 12 week scan. (sorry, dont want to cause worry, and I could have it wrong)
  • gr2007 I would deffo reccomend babes in the womb, call them and ask them to send you a leaflet as they offer a lot more than stated on the website and I personally found them cheaper than babybond. One of my cousins went to the babybond in Livingston and we both paid about the same for our scans but we got soo much more. The dvd's we got (we had 2 scans, a 2d bonding and 4d) were edited lovely and personalised. Not only that if your baby is lying akward and they cant see what they want they ask you back for a free scan. Ok Ive paised them enough lol the website is
    Amy xxx
  • I got a scan at 17 weeks, 23 weeks and I was booked in for my 34 week scan but I went into Labour early so I didn't have that scan. This is in Northern Ireland. I just assumed everywhere would have scans throughtout pregnancy in order to find any abnormalities. I would think about going private for scans.
  • Thanks for all the advice, girls. How would I go about arranging a private scan? Just phone the surgeries? Thanks.
  • Yea just give them a call hun and ask them to send you the info out and then once you have deided which pakage you want call them and arrange it. Best of luck xxx
  • I'm attending a hospital in Glasgow and got only one scan too. I wouldn't worry about it. Health professions can't do much these days without studies to back up best practice so my feeling is that this issue will have been fully investigated. My good friend is a sonographer and says that minimum investigations are best. She's horrified by the prevelance of 4D scans. Perhaps in Scotland we've got extra-skilled sonographers!!
  • The national guidelines (NICE) who set best practice guidelines based on the available evidence say that best practice is a booking scan and 20 week anomaly scan.

    I would suggest it is a financial choice in same health boards??

  • yep, i've also seen the NICE recommendations and other best practice that recommend 20 week scans. my understanding is that nearly everywhere has 20 week scans.
  • ps - Amy - thanks for that link! i'll give them a call. did you have to book far in advance?
  • I'm in Edinburgh too. Had my first scan yesterday and all was fine but like you can't bear the idea of waiting till birth before I see baby again! Think we're going to save up for private scan at around 24 weeks just to reassure us (plus I'd quite like to know the sex!)
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