Can you feel baby turn?

At my 28 week midwife appointment last week, she told me baby was breech. I know there is still plenty of time for bubs to turn around, but what I was wondering, is will it be obvious to me if/when he does move?

I am confused as to what position he is in.. I think I can feel his bum just to the right at the front of my bump, and what feels like a head to the left at the top... yet I feel all my big kicks, punches to the right at the top?!?! Sorry if that makes no sense, but I am really struggling to determine which way my little man is laying?! Has he moved?!

Would I know if he had?! :\?

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  • Hey hun.....
    I really have no clue on position but my baby was breech right up til 36 wks, she turned herself somwhere between 36+1 and 37 wks and I had no clue she had done it till I had a presentation scan at 37wks! However looking back I think I know when she did it as I had lots more movement that day!
    Maybe he has his back towards the floor and is looking up, like lying at an angle and thats why you can feel the kicks at the top? like almost transverse position?
  • Hey hon
    I'm breech as you know. I get lots of lumps and bumps right at the very tip of my bump and apparently thats his head LOL! Any movement to the left and right is apparently him punching me rather than kicking then any tiny little feelings I get at the bottom are kicks.
    Sometimes breech can mean they are sitting down so legs are facing upwards. Even though they are breech they should be facing towards our spine so basically their spine is touching our tummies, if thats the case we shouldn't feel too many kicks as they are kicking inwards if that makes sense.
    I know my little one's feet are near mmy belly button as when I get kicks I massage my belly button and I get a few more.
  • Thanks girls - thats a great help.

    I wish I had another scan to look forward to so I could find out for sure! Dont like not knowing for definate whether I am feeling his head or bum!

    Em, your movements sound pretty similar to mine.

    Appreciate your replies girls.
  • if baby stays breech bennobubs you will be offered another scan to check presentation then be given the choice to have baby turned using an ECV, which is the drs turning the baby manually!
    even my midwifves couldnt be sure if baby was bum or head down at 36wks.... apparently they feel for the head to tilt when they are feeling but couldnt find it at the top or bottom!
    babies can turn at any point in pregnancy, including just before the birth!

  • Hi, just wanted to share this site with you- it might help you work out which was baby is lying.
    I will say that 28 weeks is early to be thinking about position of the baby- I don't think I would have had a clue. I certainly think that baby moved position a lot at that stage because I felt kicks all over!!
    Good luck with working it out!
  • My baby was breech at 29 weeks, and turned around 32 weeks- and I'm sure I felt it - it just really felt like he was trhashiong aorund in there and kicking himself around form he sides. The more room baby has in there though, the less likely you are to feel it - I had quite a tight bump.

    I had regular scans for other reasons, but if they suspect baby is breech you will be offered another scan (although maybe not til 37 weeks) to check.

    I can't remeber the numbers, but I asked a friend of mine who's an obstetricain what the chances were of him turning, and she said a huge number (something like 80%) are breech at 29 weeks, compared to about 5% at term.
  • Well my baby has been breech all the way through they told me I am currently 36 wks gone amd can't have a ecv due to her being very small and my fluid not being grea. been booked in for c-section at 38 wks and I am petrified!! I am hoping that she decides to turn before the big day I was positive she had turned a few days ago as movements were very big and powerful and I could see vigorous movement in my stomach and were quite painful too but my scan on Tues revealed that she was still in the exact same position I really don't want a c-section but if it's the safest way then it's got to be done but with her being small amd fluid is not terribly low do you think she may still turn by 38 weeks???? This is my 4th child so I've been told it's more likely since noty first!. Sorry for the long post get carried away texting ha ha
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