I've just found out I'm pregnant

Hi all, Thought it would be a good idea to sign up to this website, as this is my first pregnancy and I'm scared, I don't know where to start so was just wondering if anyone had any tips or advise for me and my partner? All help will be appreciated image many thanks beki x


  • Ah congratulations to you Beki!! What do you need advice about in particular? I am expecting my third baby after having twin girls 6 years ago! There's no need to be scared hun, anything you need advice on i'm sure we will be able to help you! Do you know how far gone you are yet?

    love Lucy 20 + 4
  • Hi, thx 4 the reply. I'm 5 weeks pregnant only found out last night, i need 2 know wen iv gotta make a doctors appointment, work? Iv only just joined the police, what 2 expect! Basically everythin lol. If you would like to add me on msn that would be gr8 find it far more easier tlkin on ther, my e-mail is [email protected]o.uk:\?
  • Hiya, you should make a doc tors appointment as soon as possible so that they can get you started with a free prescription for folic acid. Becuase you work in a job that can be quite dangerous, it might be best to tell your boss fairly soon. Ask it to be kept confidential until you feel comfortable telling everyone else or when you hit the 12 week mark. Don't be scared because people look out for you and we are all here to help. Do you have any other qu's? xxxx


  • Hi Beki
    it's all so overwhelming at first isn't it.
    After the pregnancy test, the first thing I did was contact my docs and that got the ball rolling with getting me into the system for a dating scan.
    Work don't need to know for a long while yet, 15 weeks before baby due, but my husband joined the police last year and I know the maternity benefit is very good. Have you completed your training yet?

    Em x

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  • Hi beki

    Congrats!!!! I would also say to go to docs as soon as. They should refer you and make arrangements for a MW. It all takes time. I only saw my MW at 16 weeks and I'm supposed to see her at 12 weeks for the first time.

    So everything takes time. So try and do things way ahead. So you don't need to stress in the long run. I will add you to my msn and hope to catch you on there sometime.




  • Congrats hun! My advice is relax through it all and let your body do the work! This is my second pregnancy! You need to make an appointment with your midwife for around 8-12 weeks then she will send off a scan appointment for you. From there she will make further appointments for you so all the hard work is done by her! Enjoy the experience and hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!


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