don't know if any of you have any idea about this?
My hubby & i have a couple of live concerts booked in the next months, do you think they'll be ok for me to go to while pregnant? I'll be nearly 7 months & nearly 8 months for each concert...we've got seats so i can plonk my bum down now & then!! but i'm worried about the bubs and the noise!!
We go to concerts all the time & these are 2 i would be upset if i missed...but will i hurt the lo's ears?
(ok i'm probs being a little dramatic)
Lucy x x


  • In my first pregnancy I went to see red hot chili peppers, guns and roses and went to v.festival. My baby's hearing is perfect lol. It was great fun, He did lots of jiggling and kicking about to the music!!! This time we have tickets booked to see comedian Rob Brydon in march when i will be 6 months pg... I think I may have to wear incontinance pads with all the laughing (i am terrible once one thing makes me laugh thats it... and with a baby squishing my bladder... could be interesting!)
    I'm sure it can do no harm or we would have heard about it by now!!!
    Hannah xxx
  • Well so far in this pregnancy I have been to see Evita, comedian Frankie Boyle and Bon Jovi. I was six months when we went to see Bon Jovi and baby did not like the support band lol. I wish it hadnt been outside as it was typically british - cold and wet! Only advice is take food. We were there from 3.30 til 10.30 and all they sold were minging expensive hot dogs.

    I did check with midwife as some helpful person told me the loud noise and vibrations an set off labour but thats not true. Hope you have a great time!
  • ive just been to see razorlight and keane at 29 weeks and i think if youve got a seat youll be fine image keane we did, but razorlight we were standing and we had been up the front but i had to move down the back where there was more fresh air cos i started getting a bit faint in the heat image also people dancing and bumping into me was a bit of a pain, but baby loved it wriggling the whole time to the music! Hope you have a good time image
  • Thanks, it's great to hear so many of you have also been to concerts when well into your pregnancy!! we're off to see Kanye West & Stereophonics...can't wait now! i will mention it to the midwife of Tues...but it's great to hear that it shouldn't be a prob!
    I was also afraid it may bring on pre term labour :roll:
    Hubby has just booked tickets to see the killers in March....yay will probs be our first night out after baby arrives.
    Thanks Loads
    x x
  • I think it will be fine hunni, go for it. Me & dh are desperate to see Kings of Leon but I'll be 33+3 by then and there's only standing tickets left so not sure whether to go for it or not, don't know if I could stand for that amount of time :\(

  • id jst be more worried about crazy dancing people bumping into my bump? or in the que 2 get in and out can be crazy
  • good point least we're sitting & the seats are at the hopefully not much pushing into bump! usually we go & have a drink first & then go into concert with the stampede, but think we'll just find our seats early on! We're going to wait at our seats until the stampede on the way out has almost gone also so hopefully again no one bashing my little bump!!!
  • Well I've already been to two concerts so far this pregnancy and will be going to see Coldplay when I'm about 30 weeks!!! I reckon bubba will like the music :\) And let's face it Coldplay is more likely to send him off to sleep than anything else!!!
  • i went to see bon jovi too...wohuuu they were brillaint!!!!
    you could get one of those t shirts that say 'mind the bump' or 'baby on board' across the back. you will find that people are a bit more careful when they know, and from behind it can be hard to tell. id scope out the toilets as well, at bon jovi we had to queue for a good 10 minutes (and there was no toilet paper) so make sure you go with plenty of time. xx
  • I went to one when I was over 8 months and all is well. I was very near the front at a seated venue and was fine. Saw a number of pregnant ladies! Ok, I admit it was the boyzone comeback tour!
  • Hi ladies!! GO FOR IT!! I went to a 4 day punk festival in Blackpool this august just gone, it was wicked!! I did feel tired though and was still a bit sicky but our baby girl loves it!! She'll be a punk rocker so she will! My o/h also organises bands to play often in pubs so I go and have a boogie on down and baby loves the music too she's so active when the bands are on!!

    Defo - go see the concerts, at least you will have seating and babies hearing wont be affected, although after the punk thing I went to I think mine is!! LOL :lol:
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