Can prodding your tum harm baby?

I know this might seem silly as Midwives plapate abdomens with their hands all the time and its totally safe but... You are advised not to have any kind of abdominal massages whilst preg etc.

When I had my 12 week scan yesterday the sonographer had to really jiggle my tum with the scanner and kept tapping and wiggling it to get baby to move. I thought nothing of it, but today my belly is so sore and has slight bruising on the skin surface.

Also I bought a doppler, which is great but I'm unsure how hard to press?

Can any of this cause harm?


  • I don't think so hun, baby is well protected in there. I think the advice on massages is because they go quite deep into muscles etc.

    Would be concerned about bruises after the sonographer though...
  • I do worry about this too but baby is very well protected in there. MW said its like them being in a balloon and was pressing really hardly with a doppler when i had my last appointment.
    I had a scan in my last pregnancy and he pressed really hard on poor babys head it was so painful i had to tell him to stop and ofcourse baby was fine but i try to trust that they know what they're doing.
    I think it would only hurt baby if they were hit very hard and sharply for example.
    Bruising after a scan doesn't sound very good though although i'm sure its fine, it may just be that your skins more sensitive than normal xx

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