Pain in pelvis

For the last few days I've been getting a very sharp 'twinge' in the right side of my pelvis or groin (the front of my lady bits!). It only hurts when I stand on my right leg, particularly after sitting.
Its not cramping cos its lower down and as I say, only hurts when I walk on it.

So much so that its starting to make me limp.

Is this my pelvis or is it the baby? I know she's head down (well was at my last check up 2 weeks ago!)
Why only on the right side?

Anybody know?


32+4. xx


  • hi i'm not too sure on this 1 but if your baby is head down then she might well be pressing on a nerve or something which would make sense that it's just on the 1 side, but i'm no expert so if you're worried maybe get it checked out to be sure, i get a stabbing pain on 1 side near my hip and was told it's my siatic nerve, which is aggravated because of everything around it relaxing and pulling, i got a support pillow for sleeping which has took the pressure off quite a lot
    x x
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