Thanks girls!! Feeling positive today!

Just wanted to say thanks for all your kind, reassuring messages. for those who don't know, i started to panic something was wrong when i mentioned at my 1st MW appt that i had backache and she said to expect the worst.
I'd booked a private scan for tomorrow but have decided to cancel it as feeling much more positive so will now go on on a girly shopping day with my mum!!

The way i look at it is i've had no bleeding this time, the cramping i have experienced is not as painful as my usual AF pain and also is to either side of lower tum which is supposedly a good sign of things stretching but this has settled down now, (.)(.)'s are still very tender, still heaving occasionally and very tired and eating ALOT!!

Thanks again
FM83, (8-9WKS)


  • Ahhh good for you! That's great news. You have everything to be positive about.

    Here have some of my supersticky baby dust! I have waay too much of it now lol

    When is your 12 week scan?

  • Thanks Tiger Lily, hubbie reckons his sperm is made of 'Sticks like sh*t' (a diy superglue!!) but i'll still take any babydust thrown my way, lol!! My scan is in two weeks, May 8th so it's not that far anyway. xx
  • Brilliant to hear you sound so positive mate!

    Enjoy your retail therapy tomorrow, you deserve it.

    Loadsa Love
  • Good to hear that you're feeling more positive today. Have a great time on your shopping trip, and make sure you give that mw a piece of your mind next time you see her!
  • glad ur feeling more positive, enjoy shopping but take it easy as i bet ur knackered from all that stressing out! loadsa baby dust comming ur way hun xxxx
  • Oh good, so pleased your feeling more upbeat today, Enjoy your shopping trip but dont buy too many clothes, they wont fit for much longer lol!
  • oh god as if the mw said that!!!! i have had back ache like af cramps for 3 weeks now on and off! i think its normal not to expect the worse!!! ignore her and enjoy your day xxx
  • Glad you're feeling happier and more positive now, hope you have a fab shopping trip!

  • Good for you hon - wait out the scan on the nhs and use the money you've saved to pamper yourself with!

    It's weird because although I've had 2 previous mmc's and I had pain and spotting with this pg early on, my mw's and gps just assumed everything was fine as there was nothing to indicate otherwise so the complete opposite to the mw you saw! Case of glass half empty I think.

    Have a great time tomorrow.xx
  • Wohoooo PMA PMA!! Enjoy your shopping trip, and more importantly enjoy your pregnancy.

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