Feeling Over whelmed.. but in a good way!

Hiya Honey's!

Hiya.. lol nerves.. we went to view a house yesterday with a massive back garden and I think we may very well take it... but oh god baby is due in 60 days and has threaterned to arive before hand.. going to look at another today just encase this one falls thru.. but oh... making it all a bit more real.. I feel like this whole pregnancy has flown by.. like really quickly.. and we found out at 3 weeks lol can't imagine how people ajust when they find out much later...

I'm all nervous.. and it is in a good way but feeling over whelmed as well... WOOOOOOO we might be moving in together (6 years and a recent wobble later :lol: ) and I hope i'm not rushing into it because of my overwhelm need to nest... :\? I don't think I am OH is very level headed and thinks it's great too.. lol better not stay here as i'm starting to talk myself out of it again lol and don't know why I felt the need to post about it... just got lots of emotions and in the house on my ownas OH has gone to work (apart from builders who are driving me nuts)

Soooo much to do and I know it can be done.... image just there is so much to DO!!

ladies please help calm me down.. ive got a nervous little laugh going on here builders must think i'm demented! & as you can see by some of my 4am posts I haven't really slept!

PANICKING ever so slightly even if I am REALLY lucky.. and I hope it doesn't fall thru... :\( image :\? augh! lol and breath! .... WOOOOOHOOOOOO!! image


  • Good luck hun hope it all comes thru for u. Im in a similar position myself im viewing a house today coz we are probably gona be doing a swap from our 2bed flat before baby arrives. Everyone is up for it but im thinking oh my god baby is due in 35days, is this really a good idea? (Of course it is u stupid woman were talking about a 3bed house with a garden and off the road parking, lol).

    Sorry bout that, anyway best of look, let us know how u get on with the house u view today. Kerry xxx

  • It's a two bed house (we live in london so a luxuary) with a massive garden.. in a little cul-de-sac.. a park and foot ball pitch close by.. near shops not to far from mum's bedrooms could be slightly bigger.. but kitchean living room and bathroom are a good size.. and a basement for extra storage! It's the end house so only one set of negibours too...

    lol I'm like you thinking is it a good idea??? why the hell wouldn't it be? but I cant help worrying! my hormones must be making me strange in the head lol xxx
  • I think its totally normal it-must-be-love, your doing two major things together in a short space of time, making it all seem overwhelming, you will be fine x breath x

    We moved house (again) in April at 28 weeks pregnant it was a struggle (well for other half anyway he he) but we are nearly all settled now and I think we will be happy in this one, got a positive vibe, glad I dont live in London Though, we live in a huge 4 bed detached house that prob only cost the same as your 2 beds cost down there! Think I will be sticking to Leicestershire
  • Hi hun, how exciting - when'll you find out if it's going through or not?? I'm in the same position as you both - moving in the last month - but I bloody cannot wait! ;-D Moving from our pokey one-bed top floor flat in London to a 3 bed house in Norwich with a garden and garage - I keep doing the nervous laughs / squeaky noises as it gets nearer but it's cos I'm happy as LARRY!

    We're aiming to move at 37/38 weeks - hysterical laugh! I will be keeping well away from the move as I don't want to bring on baby earlyimage)

    Apparently loads of women are as loopy as we are to be moving just before baby arrives... I think the urge to build bigger, more comfortable nests overtakes all other sensible impulses to put our feet up and watch Jeremy Kyleimage
  • WOOOOOOOOOOOO.... we got it! we pick the keys up Monday! yeaaaaaah... lol all the work to do and baby is due in July! lol but can't wait dying to go to a garden centre today! lol x
  • congratulations on the new house hun!!!!!!! Tammi xxx

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