i was just wondering if anyone was suffering with the type of thing i am as i dont know if it is just normal pregnancy aches & pains but i seem to be having low backache, its like a dull ache almost at the top of my bum and travels all around to my sides, on & off mainly on an afternoon & evening, they dont seem to settle & sometimes get really bad but not all the time, standing walking & sitting are all so unconfy. Also during the night i sleep on my side but wake every few hours because my legs & sides have gone dead, and i am in a lot of pain, takes me about 5 mins to be able to turn over onto the other side & then a few hours later i wake with the same problem, its driving me insane. I am 26 weeks pregnant but have quite a sizable bump now, baby moves normal & everything fine with him. Its just these aches are they normal ??? Has anyone had a similar experience ?

thanks, claire


  • Absolutely! I'm 24 weeks now and have these pains too. My hips are really bad and sometimes have to click into place before I can walk. My consultant said that it's because the hormones relax the ligaments a bit too much but it's nothing to worry about, just painful! She has referred me for physio. It's awful at night as I wake up with pain every time I turn over so I'm exhausted by the morning. My mum says it's good practice for when the baby arrives!!!

    Hels xxx
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