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Found out that I have just been made redundant, Ive got until the 30th April to find another job! so depressed...worried as not yet showing (9 weeks) so fingers crossed get another job soon as later on no-one will give me work if they know I am pregnant (I know its against the law but we all know its true). Anyone else been in this situation? if I do get another job how soon can I tell them I am pregnant as usually you get three/six months trial worried got a mortgage to pay!


  • He Helen, sorry to hear about you job. Not much help really, but I know that you don't have to legally tell any employer that you are pregnant untill 15 weeks before you are due, bear in mind you will be 25 weeks by then so may be showing!!!
    Tammi xxx
  • I was made redundant at 7 weeks pregnant and to be honest it was a nightmare and I'm really sorry it has happened to you. I don't have a mortgage to pay but I do have rent etc but I decided in the end that I would look for a long term contract as a temp and have ended up in the job I'm in now until 13th June (10 days before due date) and I get paid weekley, I have taken about a 7 grand pay cut unfortunately but we struggle through.

    If you use a recruitment agency you can tell them you are pregnant but they are not obligied to tell any prospective employers. what would happen is they would set you up for interviews and you can chose whether to tell them in the interview or wait until you get offered a job and tell them, they are not allowed to discriminate against you (although it does happen) and if you find when you start a job they are giving you a hard time due to the pregnancy you can take them to a tribunal.

    I hope this has helped and I hope you find a suitable job.

  • Unfortunately, I was unable to find work!

    Once I told the recruitment agencies or any prospective employer (I was too honest) then it was just rejection after rejection. I was honest because I found I was showing really early and was suffering from really bad sickness. No employer is meant to discriminate but .... !!!!

    I really hope things go well for you and my experience was not the norm!

    Love Lee
  • Hi Helen

    I know exactly how you feel. I was made redundant a month ago and have just found out I'm pregnant. I have been for 3 interviews this week and am hopeful that I will get an offer but am worrying about when to tell any prospective new boss. One role i'm going to have to pull out of as it involves some international travel and obviously i wouldn't be able to fulfil the job requirement. Like Caza, looking like I will have to take about a ??10k drop but needs must. My back up plan is to look for some contract or interim work but with a big mortgage to pay and it up for renewal need to get something sorted. I know that once i get past 12 weeks its going to get harder to legitimately hide my pregnancy and go for a permanent role.

    I do feel for you and of course it takes the shine off what should be a happy and exciting time.

    Good luck. Keep us posted
  • Thanks guys, I have started to make some enquiries and one person has said they may be work coming up in the next couple of weeks that i can apply for so fingers crossed this happens, I will also just apply for anything and everything I think and not mention my pregnany just yet.
    Fingers crossed...will keep you posted
  • Heya am in the exact same position hunni, I got sacked and am in the process of taking the company to tribunal over it. Am finding it really hard as I already have a bump, but hope things go better for you xxxxx
  • sorry to hear that Steph+bump I hope the tribunal works in your favour.
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