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cramp... also posted in Due In Feb

hey... jst wanted a lil advice as i kno all u ladies are fantastic....

i have bin experiencin cramp for a while today and its startin to hurt bit too much now....... its right down in my pelvic area but on my left side...

has any1 else experienced this? dnt quite kno wot to do now image

kelly x


  • gonna say ligaments r probably stretching and ive had it a few times and boy it hurts! I think its just one of those things...ull have plenty more as time goes on...If u ever have anything that is worrying u phone midwife...they r used to it and dont be put off by the snobby ones...they get paid to look after u and baby image

    Vickie 34+1 xx
  • thx... am hopin this is stretchin pains lol... thou av ad alot of them... but this is more painful than am used to...
    thou at the moment, i am in bed so lyin down so its easin off a lil bit thou am tempted to go jump in the bath and relax sum more... hopin tht'll help...
  • Yeh u need to relax ur stomach as much as poss..ive stood up awkwardly a few times and really hurt myself...It is sooo nervewrecking being in the early weeks.. but dont hesitate to ring midwife if u feel something isnt right... Enjoy ur bath....cos u wont get chance when baby is born haha! Its a quick 5 mins and out again lol xx
  • oh i remember the days wen DD1 were born... literally had no time to meself for a bit of pamperin lol.... i think i'll enjoy leavin daddy to deal with a screamin baby, let him have a taste of wot i had to deal with as a single parent with DD... hehe... i think he'll appreciate me even more after tht... well maybe lol...
  • haha, fat seem to think the have a right to there 'alone time' like its a must have or they just wont survive..but us women are just supposed to juggle! Hope ur pain gets better hun! xx
  • I've been getting these too and worrying myself over it. Can't wait for my first scan on Monday to make sure everything is ok!

    Hope the bath helps hun x
  • thx vickie.... thou i can say its gettin beta now.... jst needed to get into a beta position... my OH is quite good actually so i think i cud rely on him to help... but then agen, wot he says and wot is gona happen are two completely different things.... roll on february is all i can say lol x
  • JW - av got abt 13 days til i have my 12 week scan and it feels so far away image
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