Should I have eaten that ?

H'all, I treated myself to a Ham and Cheese slice/pasty earlier today forgetting that there are some cheeses you cant touch during pregnancy, i didnt have the ingrediants as was brought hot from a snack van at work and I im now worried that maybe I shouldnt have eaten it incase it contained a cheese you cant have, does anyone know if pasties and slices are ok ?? Its a bit late now I realise but hopefully its ok and will put my mind at rest.
SG. Xx


  • Hi hun,
    Yes is a bit late lol but am sure it was fine, the cheese was probably cheddar or mozzarella so would be fine and as far as I know pasties etc... are ok too, just make sure they are really hot all the way through xx
  • i would have thought it would be fine as they're unlikely to put one of the types of cheese we can't eat in a pasty. i've also heard that if its cooked thoroughly it doesn't matter anyway though i'm still avoiding all the cheeses we should cooked or not. basically i really wouldn't worry about it because even if it did have something in it you shouldn't eat the chances of you getting ill from it are tiny so it's really not worth getting stressed over xxx
  • i'm sure it was fine, like mrsH syas it was most likely cheddar etc anyway, however even if it did contain some of the 'bad cheeses' apparantly they're ok when cooked/hot so if u ahd a hot cheese pasty it wouldn't matter, iyswim? xx
  • WoW baby really? Does this mean I can eat baked Camenbert and melted Brie??????

    The excitement is almost too much to handle!!!!! x x x x x
  • according to the food standards agency, yes, it's safe to eat if cooked and hot x

    hth, and enjoy lol xx

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  • You've no idea how happy this makes me!!!!!!! x:lol:
  • oooh really fancy some baked brie or camembert with crusty french bread now image

  • Oh thanks Wowbaby. Going to go buy some brie now on my way home.....mmm

    To OP. Please don't stress yourself out about what you can and can't eat. As said above, chances of you getting ill are very small. I only found out the other day that I'm not supposed to eat mr whippy ice cream and I've had loads over the summer but I'm not going to sit and stress about it. What's done is done.

    I think if it was left to the health professionals they'd have us wrapped in cotton wool and living inside a bubble for 9 months, being fed by a drip of 'authorised' foods.
  • so true LW, i had food poisoning when i was 6 weeks pregnant from eating salad from the salad bar at a Harvester. u are more likely to get ill when preggers because ur immune system is weakened, thats why i don't and won't eat runny egg etc no matter how many people tell me 'well u've eaten none pregnant and been fine, chances are slim etc' as i know first hand that it doesn't matter how many times u've had it non pregnant. with the cheese thing (same as with shellfish) i would only eat it if i could guarantee it was fresh and piping hot, ie, done it myself at home. when i was preg with ds it was avoid brie etc completely (think the cookingt hing is failry new as ds is only 17months) i love brie and was thinking how much i'd miss it, but then really, i only ever eat things like that (as well as pat???? etc) at xmas, so not like depriving myself for an entire 9months cos not like i'd normally eat it everyday anyway, iyswim? just pleases cheddar is safe, don't think i'd survive without good ol' cheddar xx
  • I have to admit I won't eat anything that carries the risk of listeria, however small, due to the risks for the baby, but with other things I'm not too fussed as food poisoning may be unpleasant for me but it shouldn 't harm the baby.

    Saying that, I'm now 38+3 and am back to avoiding everything as I don't fancy going into labour with food poisoning! xx
  • I really hope so I have been acdicted to cheesec and onion rolls and cheese pasties throughout my pregnancy I'm 27 weeks today!

    Anything cooked is fine hun!! Its the same with stilton etc, quiche is fine, just watch out for runny eggs, I eat prawns all the time too.. naughty! X
  • "At least this year we'll have our baby in time for Christmas- pate and cheesy heaven! LOL!"

    indeed! image and i'll be tucking into the nuts (walnuts, monkey nuts, hazel nuts mmmmmm) as having to avoid them at the mo, assuming it's safe to eat nuts when bf???? didn't ahve to avoid them at all with ds so not sure on the bf front?
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