I hope someone can help me out. Last night I was listening to my doppler And as soon as I put it on the heart beat was there. On the left of my belly button. There was no movement So I thought in theory if the heartbeat is this side surely the legs is on the other side.

SO i move the doppler(without lifting) under the belly button and it goes really quiet. then hear a bit of movement moving on. And then to my surprise another heartbeat.

So completely confused. Move the doppler back the other way. Heartbeat!!move it the other side. Heartbeat!!! No I have not been for my check up scan thingy's but from my pic I can only see one baby. That was only and emergency scan. Could it be that they were just looking for one and missed another?

Or does a heartbeat echo?I dont have a midwife yet. I'm 14 weeks and completely confused please help if anyone shed some light that would be great.



  • Hi Tash
    ...Maybe you picked up your own heartbeat? the baby's will be much faster image did they sound different??

  • They didn't sound too different. Both the same rate. And I have not picked up my own heartbeat. I just about hear my finger when I prod my tummy. So my heartbeat would definately be detectable and louder I would have thought. Might be the pulse thing. I spoke with my dad and he said that sometimes unless they are checking for it.they wouldnt detect it. As I havent had the normal scan yet. Only emergency ones. Twise when measuring they got two different sizes. The week before it was bigger. but cause i have not had a the same people do it everytime no one has picked up on this. Unless some just dont measure properly.

    OH!!!!!!!!! i dont know. I just wish they had refered me earlier so i had a midwife to speak to. image
  • Tash it is possible that u picked up ur own heart beat coz in my last pregnancy the midwive kept doing that. It is however just as possible they have missed a baby on earlier scans especially if it was bet 6-8weeks coz one baby can hide behind another, r u big for ur dates? If u r concerned tho u shud go back to ur gp, coz u shud av a mw by 14wks, av u not had ur booking in appt yet? k xxxx
  • Yeah they bloody refered me late cause the receptionists are crap at my GP. I have an appointment next month only. I know I should have a MW by now. And you should see how huge i am!!!
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