Only 20 days!!!!!!!

arrrgh i say only 20 days its really 19 as today is almost over lol (wishful thinking) im really hoping they go sooo quick or i have my baby girl early not sure how much more of this i can take im really really really fed up now (even tho i no ill miss being preg when lo arrives) is anyone else feeling like this or experiencing the severe leg cramps, heartburn, tiredness over fattness lol Sophie 37+1 xx


  • Thanks hun im frustrating myself by thinking about it all the time tho just hard not too its not like we can forget were pregnant with our big bumps in front of us all the time lol xx

  • Oh it's exciting only 20 days to go! However, it seems forever I am sure. I cannot remember not being pregnant and I'm only 29 weeks! Think you can cuddle LO so soon! xxx
  • You are so lucky to be nearly at the end!! Wish it was me - but then some days I don't cos then I'll have a real live baby to look after and hey, who knows what to do with one of them!!
    Keep us posted and hope it all goes well.
    Mel 32+5 xx
  • Wow, not long then - are you all organised???? I remember with my last two - so desperate for them to come / meet them for the first time - you never know you may be early? Wish we had a crystal ball eh?????

    Chelle x
    e.d.d 4th July
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