Itching !

Hey everyone

Hope u are all ok.

Im 32 weeks tomorrow and ive noticed im itching alot. Its mostly at night when i get home from work and i sit on the settee. Its not just one part of my body, its all over, can be a different place everytime. It doesnt seem to go away even when i have a cold shower or bath and it can also sometimes happen when im in bed!

It is sooooo annoying !!!!

Anyone know what it might be? Any advice?


  • could be just the skin stretching thing going on, although, without wanting to cause concern, its a common symptom of cholestasis in pregnancy, which affects the liver. you should let your MW know and they can do a blood test to check
  • Iching is one of those awful pregnancy related "minor ailments" according to my mw. Touch wood iv not suffered to bad this time round just had a little iching on my bump, but last time i was like u and iching all over (especially my legs). I used loads of E45 and tried to stay as cool as possible, its not a cure but it did help a little. Like lisajo says keep and eye on any excessive iching on ur hands and feet coz that can be a sign of liver problems but it is very rare. Hope u feel better soon and find a something that helps the inching for u. Kerry xxx

  • Thankf for your responses. image

    Luckily, it hasnt been on my hands and feet. It just seems to be arms and legs and belly mostly. Doesnt happen every night but when it does its a right pain in the bum !

    Ive just come back from tescos and sent my partner running in to get calamine lotion. Ive plastered it on and now im sat here, white and smelling like chalk



  • I would still mention it to your midwife when you see her next just to be on the safe side. At the start of my pregnancy my bump was really itchy and she said that it was just skin stretching but if it was still bad at later on they would monitor it. Luckly it hasn't returned since I started slapping on E45 all the time, but would still mention it if it did. tammi xxx
    3wks to go!!!
  • I had that during my 1st pregnancy. It was awful! I saw my GP and he gave me some calamine lotion. It was so messy, but it did help.
  • Hi hun, i had puppps when i was pregnant but i dont think you can get it till 34 weeks. Google it to see what it looks like, i ended up on steroids and all sorts with it, it presents with a rash that starts in your streachmarks and spreads like the plague! LOL
  • hi
    i had itching in last preg and belive me i no exactly how annoying it is . i had some rare rash thing that i got at 36 weeks and went to see my midwife and was induced a week later. it wasnt that oc thing though. apparently i was the first ever to been induced early with it . and still no one new what it was thank god it hasnt come back this time , but i still get the genral itch due to skin streaching and i would recommend Eurax cream or lotion. It says to consult doctor on tube before use though but my doctor adv to try it in last preg as it helped her as she had rashes in her preg, obv didnt help in my 1st preg, but this time it really helps as my itching is much milder and can relieve symptoms for 10 hrs. i wouldnt recommend calamine lotion cause i found that i dried my skin out even more.
    but def mention this to your midwife or doctor when you next see them, and if its still bad, dont let them fob you off with its normal in preg cause there are things they can do to help relieve symptons
    hope this helps
  • Hello Melissa,

    I had a really bad rash which included itching called "Pemphigoid Gestation" at around 30 weeks, seemingly it only effects 1 in 60,000 (yes 60k) people. It only happens in pregnancy and does NOT effect the hands and feet, hence my posting! My doctor (who is a skin specialist) loved me as he had only ever seen this once before, I was like a wee guinee pig, getting my pictures taken and all sorts etc....

    I did have a rash though so may not be the same. It lasted around 4 weeks and was really uncomfotable and annoyinging, the itching started under my boobs, and spread really fast to belly, arms and legs. When I was told what it was and given relevant information I was really worried, as there are some side effects, pre-term babies and low birth weight, maybe you should google it and see it's similar, as don't want to freak you out. Oh and I only used calamine lotion to calm it down, as one option is steriods which I did not want to take.

    Just for your info: My LO was born early and only weighed 4lb 12oz, but I developed pre-eclampsia. So can't say if this contributed to low weight !!

    I hope the itching has calmed down now!!
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