hiya ladies i was wonderin if anyone knew a site in which u cud pay for a dna test as i think my ex is doubtin his daddy, i no full well he is so ill just humour him! but i need a realiable place to get one which wud be quick n simple.... any recommendations???
thanx girls xx


  • sorry im not much help hun but my friend had this problem with her lo and the csa did it for her when she contacted them after babys birth.Also i'm sure iff u google it some will come up x



  • yeh i googled it and a few came up but kinda wanted one someone else may already have tried as i dnt wna b givin my bank details and lyk that much money to any random site which cud rob me ya no lol. and as for csa thats jus a whole lot of bother id rather leave till the last option, thank u nehow hun xxx
  • Before you offer to pay for it, check our your rights - as far as I'm aware, your ex would have to prove that he is NOT the father as opposed to you proving he IS. I assume he is not wanting his name on the lo's birth certificate? If he does come with you and puts his name on it he is legally declaring himself the father anyway.

    Good luck honxx
  • If you go onto google and search for FREE dna testing kits, then they will send out the kit for you and you can collect the DNA before you have to put in card details or anything. you have to pay for it after, but if you send off for a few, you can judge by the packaging etc which is the best. my friend went through the same. i can't remember what company it was she eventually used though. sorry. hope this helps xxxxxxxx
  • ahhh (Y) nice one hun thanx xx
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