advice please ladies?

Hi all,

I have been having mild lower abdominal pain/niggles since a urine infection mid July. When I saw dr on weds following BFP she said pgy may well sort it out as the bladder will get pushed down and if not gone after baby then will refer me to bladder specialist.

What I'd like to know is what abdominal pains you got at this stage if any and what exactly they felt like, as today I have been feeling different sort of twinges.

I am not concerned, just trying to work out what's what. I also get IBS :roll: which doesn't help!!
Thank you ladies

Ames x
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  • Hello!

    I'm not sure about the answer (although you get all sorts of twinges as everything expands, so it could be that), but just wanted to say that I hope you're okay.

    Miserable weather, isn't it? Its pouring here and I am using up all the leeks and carrots in our vegetable box making minestrone soup! x
  • The twinges are perfectly normal honey, nasty and worrying i know but most get them and the best thing to do is not to worry, its everything making room in there!

    Congratulations and a happy and healthy pregnancy

    Tracey 10+1
  • Thanks Flush, yeah I'm fine, just trying to work out what's the "usual" abdo pain and what might be new, exciting, pgy niggles!! Yeah crap weather, D and I watching film and scoffing chocolates. We also made soup earlier so feel somewhat justified eating rubbish lol!

    Thanks for the congrats and reassurance Tracey, did you get niggles this early?

    Anyone else had any pains at almost 6 wks? x
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