Anyone else had pains just in one side?


Went to the docs yesterday cos was getting aches and pains in my left side. She felt my tummy and said she thinks it's fine.

Obviously i am still a bit concerned it may be something bad like ectopic but has anyone else had aches or pains just on one side? Also its my back that side aswell that aches Would probably feel happier if my right side was causing pains aswell. Sometimes it's a sharp pain and sometimes it's a continuos ache.

Any advice

Thanks x x

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  • I had this with my third pregnancy but pain was right sided. Also had a small bleed. Was taken to hopsital as drs thot it was ectopic pregnancy. Had a scan and all was fine. Turns out I had a very large ovarian cyst. (5.5cm) This gradually disolved on its own and had disappeared by the time I went for scan at 13 weeks. All was fine and baby 3 is now 3weeks and 1 day old. Try not to worry too much - could be a urine infection too. If you still get pain or are worried I would call out of hours service.
  • hi
    I had pain on one side (right) throughout pregnancy. Wasn't too bad. Worse if try to walk fast or for long time. Baby was mostly on left side. Scan showed a fibroid on right side. Think it went away as soon as baby was born, but other pains started (had C-section).

    Don't worry. Perhaps write down each day the amount of pain you're getting, on a scale of 1 to 10. If suddent change, then go to docs again.

    All the best.
  • Hi, i had pain on my right side for the first few weeks when i was pregnant. Found out at an early scan that i had a cyst on each ovary, the right one was quite abit larger than the left which was why i was getting the pain there. Went back for a scan at 20 weeks and both had gone
  • I have only ever had pain in my right side, even down to cramp in my right leg!! lol
    I was signed off work for 2 weeks with these pains early on in my preg, and i get them whenever i seem to over do it, had them all week in my last week at work and ended up going into hosp they got so bad but got the all clear!
    Seems strange how its only the one side and hosp/midwife couldn't explain why!

    Try not to worry, you will get alot of eches and pains esp towards the end!

    Samantha 34weeks
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