how many of u get measured?

Hello all my bumps not been measured at any mw appt yet, got my 28wk appt this week, and was wandering if i shud ask,? im not really worried but keep reading that ever1 else gets measured? can they really tell anything from meauring u??
A girl i know says she needs a growth scan as her baby measurements have gone down by 3cms, shes 6days ahead of me almost 29wks, but i wudnt kno if mine had grown or shrunk??

Another friend of mine had her baby 3weeks early (about a week ago) she also rarely got meaured or she may have just the last few weeks? Just interested wot all u ladies have had thanks xxxxxxxxxxx


  • I was wondering this too as i haven't been measured at all either. Would be interested to hear what others have to say. My next appt will be my 28 week one too, xx
  • Hi I didn't get measured until my 28 week appt so she might measure you this week.
    When they measure you they measure the length of the uterus so they can see tell how well your baby is growing. They say that its ok if your 2cm over or under and if they are you get a growth scan I think. I was about 2cm behind when I first got measured and last time I was near enough spot on. You can't tell by looking how much you measure though because everyone keeps saying my bump is small but the mw says it measures fine.
    Maybe just ask your mw if she doesn't measure you this week but I don't think they're too much to worry about.

  • Hey I did reply to this!

    Anyway I said the 1st time I got measured I was 28wks so you might both get measured then.
  • I didn't get measured until my 24 week appt - and everyone since then! they can tell how many weeks in cms your womb is, and from there if you are measuring too big or small - they can investigate and send you for growth scans etc! Your womb should measure the same as your weeks in cm! There is a couple of cms either side they allow you to go without any concerns!

    P.S I was measuring 2 weeks ahead at 24 weeks but since then have only been a week ahead!

    I would ask if you don't get measured this time image

    Tara 31+5
  • I only started to get measured with a tape measure after 30 weeks, as my MW said there isn't much point before that.

    Before 30 weeks, she had a bit of a feel and as long as the top of my uterus looked like it was in the right place she wasn't worried.
  • there's generally not a need unless your showing greatly or not at all. I have always shown for more than i am. It's a cm for each week past 20weeks i thinks so if your 28 weeks you should measure 28cm, 34 weeks 34cm...
  • I was measured for the first time last week at my 28 week appt. I was 28cm at 28+5 so that sounds about right! x
  • I too only started getting measured from my 28 week appt, until then she just felt my tummy and said it was fine.

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