Cramp questions

Hi all,
I am currently 5weeks+6days - Is it normal to have period like cramps?



  • Yes, i had these and went to the hospital as i was worried, they told me its my uterus stretching to make room for the baby. But if youre not sure and worried, go to the hospital, when i did they were great they booked me in to the early pregnancy unit for a scan just to check that everything was ok.
  • Hi,

    I had period type cramps at 4 weeks and it turned out I had a uti.... are you under mw yet? if yes then phone to see her if not try and get in to see a dr and take a sample with you...

    on the otherhand some ladies experiance this and there is nothing wrong, just their bodies adjusting to their new role

    x x x
  • I also had cramps but it turned out to be just the ligaments stetching.
  • Thanks all, makes me feel's so strange, as you know, only 6 weeks and don't really feel preg!
  • Hi mrsgf,

    I have had period pain cramps from the week before i found out i was pregnant (so i assumed i was gettng my period) and have had them almost consistently throughout then they eased off and came on and off up until about 15 - 16 wks i think. I still get the odd day now when i have slight tummy cramps.

  • Hi i dont think theres anything for you to worry about as its very common to experience cramps and aches when pg, its just stretching to make room for the baby. But like the others say if your worried go to hosp or doctors, at least you can put ur mind at rest x

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