What an amazing night!

I was sat watching 24 with hubby and could feel our bubba lump moving around and was desperate fro hubby to feel, so kept putting his hands where I could feel and he couldnt feel anything.

So went to bed and had a quick read of my book before bed and baby started moving again. i threw back the covers and pulled up my top just in time for hubby to see 2 huge big kicks! It was so amazing! We called his son in to see as well and i spent the next 40 mins with 4 hands on my belly and baby performing wondfully! They could feel the kicks and see baby moving under my belly!

It was so great as i had been so worried I wasnt feeling anything. Hubby had had a really crap day at work too, so this cheered him up no end. It was like our baby was saying "dont forget me!!! Im something good thats happening!".

Just wanted to share with you all.


  • ahhh that sounds so lovely hon!! x
  • Yay, I knew how desperate you were for him to feel involved too! My hubby sometimes puts his head on my bump and the baby kicks him in the face, he loves it!

    29+4 x
  • I was so happy I cried!
    Hubby had a crap day at work and looks like he will be officially made redundant today, so was not a happy day until that happened.
  • Ahh hun thats sooo cute I bet your hubby was over the moon, it's so nice for them to be able to feel things like that to feel part of it allimage

    K xxx
  • awww that was lovely to read first thing... must have been amazing!! I cant wait to experience that!

  • Thanks ladies, it was a great night!
    Hubby is being made redundant today, so it was just in time to cheer him up.
    I thought it was never going to happen that he would see and fee a kick, I think because i felt little movements from 15 weeks that the kicks would come quick too.
    But im so happy now it has happened, I can stop worrying so much!
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