Waters have gone!

Hi my waters went at 2am today i went to LW but i was told i'm not in labour and i was sent home. I have been booked in for inducing at 4pm Tuesday. I'm having pain but not enough to be in labour. I'm scared cos i hurt so much and i dont think i'm going to cope well tomorrow. :evil:

Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to deal with the pain and to keep me calm? Does being induced speed labour or make it longer?

Totaly clueless! :\?


  • I'm sorry I can't give you any sage advice because I'm pregnant with my first myself, but I just wanted to say I'm sure you will do great tomorrow! All I can really suggest is that you try to trust your body and remember that the pain you feel isn't a bad thing and doesn't mean anything is wrong. What it means is, soon you are going to meet your baby image. Maybe if you can relax a bit, perhaps concentrate on your breathing when the pains come, it won't hurt quite so much either? Just a suggestion, I have no experience!

    Good luck hun, you can do it!

  • HIya, I wasn't induced with my first LO so can't help you with that one, sorry!
    I found having a nice back rub really helped me as even though you are getting pains you can sort of switch off a little bit and relax your body instead of tensing through the pain. Also listening to some of my fave music really helped, not any hardcore stuff though just some quiet relaxing songs.
    Hope that helps
    Hannah xxx

  • Hi,

    Hope things are going ok, fingers crossed tomorrow goes really quick for you. Either that or you start to dilate quickly, as once i had started to dilate with my first it only took two hours before I got to the next stage of pushing. I found that a relaxing warm bath seemed to help ease the pain and stop me from thinking about it so much(plus it supported the weight of babes a little). Although I had to get my oh to help me in and out of the bath, I will def try this again when this one decided to start.

    Good luck
    Jules x 36w +
  • sorry i cant offer any advice but i hope everythin goes well xxx
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