Taking straighteners to hospital?

Hi ladies, hope this doesn't sound to daft...is anyone taking their hair straighteners to hospital??

Don't get me wrong, I know fixing my hair style will be the last thing on my mind! but I have a fringe that tends to have a life of it's own and if I get my water birth as planned then I'm sure it'll be in some state afterwards!!
Is anyone else packing straighteners?? Are we even allowed them in hospital??

Jo xx


  • Huni you can pack what you want chick, I'm taking straightners and hairdryer, best to be preparedw ith everything so your not stressing about your fringe.. I know you will probably be more than occupied to care though! X
  • You might find that your hospital doesn't allow you to take anything electrical in unless its been PAT tested and has the sticker to say so - I know mine is the same. Bit daft really as the guy that does all our electrical testing at work says they can't actually plug small things into the testing machine as it would blow them up so all they do is a quick look to make sure there are no loose or exposed wires

    That reminds me.. must have a word with him about stickering my phone charger & mp3 charger again.. don't care about the hairdryer so long as I can have music and phone lol
  • In my hospital you were allowed them, but I can guarantee you won't have a spare second to use them, mine never even made it out of my bag. If you have a fringe with a mind of it's own my advice would be take some kirby grips so you can pin it back, I made h2b go fetch me some from home as I didn't take any and we ended up being in hospital a week x
  • Im not sure hun.. I think I will do my hair before going in and just pin it up out the way. Although I am having a baby I still want to try and look my best. I know it will be hard but still want to try. I would just pack them and see what happens. at least then you know you have them if you need them.

    My cousin gave birth last week and when we went to see her she looked fab. all she had done was curl all her hair and put it in a pony tail, she looked amazing.

  • u might find there isn't a plug free near ur bed but u can take ur straighteners with u just incase, maybe take a couple of clips/grips just incase though so u can at least pin it out of the way if it does go awry. i certainly wouldn't take a hairdryer onto a maternity/newbaby ward, i evry much doubt the otehr motehrs and sleeping babies would appreciate the noise....

  • i've just packed some grips etc to pin my fringe back, i hate trying to straighten my hair at the bets of times nevermind after giving birth! would still like to look semi-human in the first photos taken though! xx
  • Hmm yea never actually thought about needing somewhere to plug them in :lol:

    I might start looking at the cheap rechargeable ones so I can give my fringe a once over before visitors arrive, or else I'll try the hairband idea, though I've a layered fringe so even they don't always work :roll:

    I may have to just do a Britney to solve my problem :lol:

    Thanks ladies xx

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  • Sorry, but this post made me laugh! I was exhausted after the birth and even a beautiful hair do wouldn't have changed that or how drained I looked! I would really be very suprised if you even have time or the inclination! I'd second taking hair grips and a band and spend the time enjoying your new baby instead x
  • I didn't take any but my hair is fairly straight anyway and I dont think there was anywhere to plug them in anyway?? I only use straighteners if I'm going clubbing - aka, once a year!!!

    I did take my razors to do my legs! Lol!! I think if you want to take them, do! I had a catheter in and they would not let me even shower for 24hours after. I was so happy to get in the shower, do my legs and put my clothes on to feel normal again. If you want to take the straighteners in I dont see why not maybe get portable ones. xx
  • I had a layered fringe when i had lo last aug and i took my straighteners with me..... i plugged them in at the side of my bed, all the beds seems to have plugs next to them! even though it said in the little maternity unit booklet they didnt allow it but the nurses said it was fine! i had a couple of ladies in my ward borrow them too lol.
    i didnt use them everyday as i used hair pins just to keep it out my way but i did make sure i had my mascara on and hair done before we left for home!

    if your worried about plugging them in look into getting a pair of the braun gas ones.... they are great...... fab for going swimming once lo is here too!

  • Personally I wouldn't bother. After having both of mine I couldn't have cared less. I brushed my hair and put it into a plait and left it. Honestly, the time is taken up resting and dealing with the bay (who you'll probably not want to put down).

    But then, I was home within 6 hours.
  • What about cord less ones? When my labours started with my 2 i washed and straightened my hair quickly before i went in hospital and even after 2 long labours it stayed straight, till it got wet in the shower after wards! Once back on the ward with baby though i was so busy and tired just put my hair up in a hair band. x

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  • I'd already thought about this, coz babys first photos will be around forever! Going to have my hair cut in the week before my EDD and will just pin it out the way.
  • Hi in my hos they have hairdryers n straghtners we can use if wonted! I must say it was last thing on my mind I just washed it n put it in pony wet n I just washed n fixed when get home! I have long hair n really thick so just wonted out off me n babys face!
    But if it just for fringe then don't see harm in taking them anyway as would only take couple of min to go over!
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