Why is it that when your pregnant pple think its ok....

to comment on your size?!?

If i get one more 'god your huge' or 'look at the size of u already' i will scream and i still have halfway to go!!!! It seems when your pregnant pple think its fine to comment, or rub your stomach...now dont get me wrong i know its innocent but come on, if i walked up to some random stranger and rubbed there stomach while saying how fat they are i think theyd have something to say!!!! Ok, ok rant over, but grrrrr!!!!!!! :x



  • I agree. I'm getting annoyed with "Are sure there is only one" or "Do you think you will last nine more weeks".

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  • I was thinking just the same thing last night- went to my in laws (which is like chinese water torture anyway) As soon as i walked in the house my fil said "oh look at Gemmas fat belly" i was upset at that, but then oh grand dad said i needed to go to millets to get a tent, instead of buying a new coat!:roll:

    I was so upset when i got home- oh was lovely (as usual) making me feel better telling me i was lovely- which cheered me up

    When you are pregnant you do become everyones property- they dont tell you that in any of the baby books though :\)


  • Oh my god tell me about it!!

    There was an old guy at my work that felt it was ok to say, aye your really starting to broden out now, but that's awright thats meant to happen.......I just looked at him and felt like saying FCUK OFF YOU OLD TWAT, I had just been told I was looking good then he said that lol

    3 weeks to go today, countdown time!! no more large comments lol

  • Hehe, glad its not just me that feels like that then...although i hate it because i just grin nicely and bite my tongue....im just worried once i let rip il never stop!!!!! My standard response has become 'it is my 3rd' like that somehow justifys it to them....not!!! What do they expect, your growing a baby for god sake its not like it gets smaller every wk is it!!!!
  • My MIL was the same. Always used to rub my bump with both my LO's. I found it so annoying!! Then theres always the patronising little pat at the end of the stroke isn't there? It's like 'good girl, off you go.' I do that to my dog ffs :lol:

  • I'm with you girlies on this - my mother is the worlds worse and keeps telling me 'I'm Big' and everyone else she sees - when they finally get round to seeing me i get comments like 'From what your mom said i didn't think you would fit through the door'. I have had various hissy fits at my mom over the last few weeks and she seems to have finally gotten to hint and doesn't really say it (well to me anyway) anymore. Just hope that if i have a girl i never do the same to her lol.

    Wouldn't mind but everyone else keeps telling me i look fab and much smaller than they thought i would be - i am sure there is a compliment in there somewhere lol
  • Its like you become public property!!
    I would never have dreamt of commenting or touching someone withouth them saying its ok - its weird....

    to some of the 'are you sure its one' comments I've said yes, but its a giraffe....


  • I don't mind my parents, inlaws or friends touching my bump - they're just showing their excitement and affection after all - but I do hate it when randoms or people who don't know me well do it.

    I tell you what else I already know I'm not going to like - don't ask me how I know but I just do - people taking my baby off me or picking him/her up without asking or without me offering first.

  • I was too was just thinking this! Everyone at work keeps saying oh look at your bump gonna be a big baby! Or wow your quite big already!

    I wouldnt mind so much if the people who were saying it were actually quite skinny but there bigger than me even with a bump! lol!

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  • just came accross this thread its true people say things to you that would amaze you. my bil told my oh i needed a lowloader(truck)to get off the couch funny thing is his wife is now about to have baby and is way bigger than me even before hand. i said to oh i wonder should i mention the low loader ??? this time my oh understands .It can hurt coz we ladies are funny enough about our bodies without people saying stuff when we doing a beutiful thing as it is. gosh that felt good to rant x x x x x ive a long ways to go yet but forarmed is forwarned lol:lol:
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