Well a great down side to pregnancy hormones with me is I have terrible nightmares. They really are quite bad and the thought of them bothers me through the day. Does anyone else suffer from this? Also does anyone know of any techniques to atleast minimise the occurance of these dreams because I am keeping my partner up tossing and turning with them.


  • aaaw hon, is that why you were up so early?
    I've had a few bad nightmares but not regularly.
    I think it's hormones and things...

    Sorry I don't really know anything about avoiding them - but maybe don't eat so late and have a hot, warm drink before bed?

    Julie xxx
  • Yeah I saw something that said don't eat late and I ate late last night so that could be a reason.

    Where I am I am not up early lol. I live in Australia so Its approaching 7pm right now.
  • I've been having very strange vivid dreams, wouldn't really class them as nightmares though. Things like the baby being too big for its moses basket and that my cat ran away because it didn't like the baby!! Odd, but these are probably things are are bothering me and I'm thin king about them at night.
    Try having some relaxing time before bed, no TV etc and have a nice hot milky drink.
    Good luck and hope you have a good nights sleep tonight
  • Iv been having the worst nightmares EVER, to the point that iv spent many days thinking about them too, i have dreams about someone getting into my house and killing me and my three year old daughter, and when i try to scream nothing comes out, i dream my daughter is kidnapped by a murderer, and just last night i dreamed we were in a plane crash and she drown im the sea.....i dont know why but its always about my daughter and it scares the living day lights out of me, to the point that i get out of bed often at 2 3 and 4 in the morning and go into her room just to make sure she is okay. i keep my partner awake all night too and then wont let him go back to sleep till i have. bless him.

  • Yeah i've been suffering with 'em too, but i'm not eating late at night so i'm putting mine down to my hormones and my temperature rising at bed time too! must be making me a bit delirious. Cos it started that i'd have the baba at 30wks and considering i'm 31wks tomoz.......then the other night i was dreaming that my OH was diagnosed as having schitzophrenia and had to be commited, and in the end he didn't recognise me or his kids.....then he just gave up and we had to bury him it was soooooooooooooo horrid, still feelin a lil upset by it now.
  • Thats awful Taz what a horrid dream. I am hoping when I get my first scan and I can see things are ok my dreams settle down a bit.
  • Hi hun, I'm 10+2 and having real trouble sleeping.
    I fall asleep fine but am then tossing and turning from about 1am having really odd dreams that I can't seem to get away from. It's driving me crazy as I am constantly so tired from never having had a decent nights sleep. Suppose it's something I should get used to...!
  • Hi

    I'm getting this too, really horrible vivid dreams, and loads of them. sometimes I'm too scared to go back to sleep, too scared to get up and go to the toilet, just lying there feeling distressed wanting a cuddle! they stay with me during the day as well, don't like it :roll:

    guess it's just the hormones, hopefully! although one of last nights is actually making me laugh a bit now, it was nasty because i was going to have to fight to the death with this woman who was the best knife thrower ever, and she was showing me her collection of horrible looking knives beforehand, but all i was armed with was a blunt sword and an ancient charm bracelet! it never got to the actual fight, but hopefully that charm bracelet was pretty special! :lol:

    aileen xx
  • Holy carp I hope it was a good charm bracelet too.
  • hi yes i'm having horrible nightmares, usually about the devil. bloody awful they are! i sometimes wake up crying and my husband goes into an instant panic that something had happened. i'm 31+1 and hoping they don't last another 9 weeks!
  • Ive only just found out that im pregnant in the past week & in that time ive had about 3/4 nightmares not preg/baby related but I wake up with heart beating really fast ,ive put it down to hormones, so glad youve posted this xx
  • Phew!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one, I keep having really violent dreams, the latest being that my mum doused my next door neighbour in petrol and set her alight because she 'felt like it'.
    They have been bothering me during the day too but I always eat early so must be hormones image
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