Help!! Do I Have the wrong blood?

Evening ladies,

I used to give blood (well actually it took them so long to get enough they said I should just give a money donation!!), anyways, I have 'O' negative blood. I read somewhere that this could be a problem for lo.

Is this true or just another old wives tale?



  • u might be rhesus negative which isnt really a problem just means u will need anti d jab at 28 and 34 weeks also just after baby is born uget another dose, its because if ur partner is rhesus + ur baby maybe n if ur blood n the babys mixes it could be a problem. u will be fine n ur mw would explain it better when u get the results from ur booking blood tests. its really common n nothing to worry about tho i promise x
  • hya im O negatative... you will have to have anti d injections 2 while you are pregnant (28 and 34 wks) and one after LOs birth if they have different blood to you..not 100 % sure but I think it can be dangerous if blood mixes so thats why they give you the injections midwife will explain all or you can google it im sure theres gunna be plenty of info about it
    hope this helps you out
    16 wks 6 days
  • thank you, will mention it to doc's etc on tues. first appointment then off to epu for 6 week scan


  • Hi, I am A negative and if u are a negative blood type then it COULD be a problem in 2nd pregnancies, however nowadays there is an injection that you have to stop problems occurring so it is pretty much unheard of these days! Your midwife will talk to you about it. xxx

  • I don't understand the difference between rhesus negative and just plain old negative - I wasn't aware there was one.

    Just found this:

    Rhesus factor is a substance (blood product) found in blood. Approximately 85% of the population has the rhesus factor and the remaining 15% percent do not. It is symbolised by the plus or minus after your blood group, for example, A- is rhesus negative and A+ is rhesus positive.

    If you are a mother-to-be with negative (-) blood, there are some things you might like to know if your partner has rhesus positive () blood. This does not apply to mothers with rhesus positive () blood which does not pose any problem.

    that says to me that negative and rhesus negative are the same thing.... Even more confused now...
  • I'm pretty sure that rhesus negative and negative are the same, it's just a shortened form of saying the same thing. If you give blood and they record your blood group as 'O neg' (or A neg or whatever) then it means that you are missing the rhesus factor and will need the injections. Hope that helps!
  • Negative & rh negative are the same thing.

    I am A - and had to have the anti D injections, only in my area its only one injection as the mw said they concentrated it into 1 dose (she didnt really approve tho, said it was better in the traditional 28 & 34 weeks rather than just at 28.)

    Negative blood means it is missing the rh factor, so it is negative for rh. So rh negative. xxx

  • Hey, like everyones said, its nothing to worry about-the midwife will explain everything. Im A- and having my first anti-D next week, Im at the hospital then anyway so they thought they'd squeeze it all in at once.
    Im dreading having it mind, Ive been told its awful;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

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  • Its absolutely fine Flying kiwi. Just a bit numb when the needle goes in! But I couldnt even tell afterwards, no soreness or anything. xxx

  • Thanks Tiger Lily, I suppose its one of those things I just have to put up with either way. Im kinda getting numb to people telling me how horrible everything is anyway to be honest now.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

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