Brushing my teeth


Everytime i brush my teeth i start gagging and sometimes end up been sick. image

Has anyone else Experienced this? if so how/what can i do about it?




  • i had that with my second. sorry to be unhelpfull but i didn't find anything that helped i just put up with it. it eased as i got further along though so hopfully yours will to. x
  • I have that too, I also get it when I drink something thats the wrong texture i.e. my constipation syrup or a smoothie. I even get it when I have a cup of tea.
    I hope it passes soon
    Georgie xx
  • i had that too when i was early on, im sorry to say that nothing helped it, but it will go away eventually! xx

  • thanks ladies

    guess i'll just grin and bare it!!
    thanks again


  • I get this if I walk around the house doing stuff while I brush my teeth because I then have to hold all the foamy toothpaste in my mouth and that's what makes me gag. I found that if I just brush them over the sink and spit out regularly, I don't gag.
  • good ideas doushka and astraad will defo try that tonight.


  • good ideas doushka and astraad will defo try that tonight.


  • Hi - I've had this since 11 weeks and still have it now. Sorry but nothing helps me at all - I must have tried everything!!
    Changing brush from electric to manual (small head!) changing toothpaste...trying to fool myself into brushing teeth...signing while I do it...stamping my feet..!!
    OH never thought it was that bad as he's always at work but he heard me on xmas day and was nearly sick himself!!
    Some days are better than others hun but you really just have to hang in there! xxx Its awful tho!

  • i have this every morning, once i gag thats it i am hurling its awful, every single day, its really awful but dont think we can do anything, hopefully it will pass xx
  • Sorry to join the club, but I have this every evening. Not so bad in the morning but in the evening it is really bad and I have to admit to often "forgetting to do my teeth in the evening as I just can't face it ( which I know is grim- but so is throwing up in the sink)!

  • I had this with my first pregnancy and I've got it again with my second. I find looking in the mirror when brushing teeth helps a little, rather than leaning over the sink, not sure why but it's not quite so bad this way! xxxx

  • I get it in the morning but not in the evening. Its awful isn't it. I haven't actually been sick but I retch every time!
  • hi i still get this now, and as i don't eat breakfast before i leave home (i just can't eat at 5am, and i'm actually sick so it's just bile that comes up. Spoke to a dentist about this and they suggested instead of brushing your teeth for two minutes try to brush them more frequently but for shorter, four times a day for a minute a time and see if that helps
  • I had this, tried not to brush my tongue too much, and looking in mirror concentrating seemed to help too.
    Ames x
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