Does everyone wait until the 12week scan to tell?

Im just wondering if any of you have managed to keep your pregnancy to yourself until the first scan? I have only known for a week and ready to burst already!!!


  • Congrats!

    I told my BF as soon as I found out. I have told a few others but I know what you are going through...I feel the need to just blurt it out to everyone within a 5 mile radius but I think I'm just going to wait for the ok from the scan...think it's safer that way.
  • Its so difficult, cos I really want to tell one of my closest friends, but my partner doesnt thinkwe should tell anyone until the scan.

    I worry that i will tempt fate if i trell? Silly i know
  • HIYA,
    And congratulations, iv only known 2 weeks,with our first and the plan was indeed to tell NO ONE till the scan, HA !
    I freaked out 3days after finding out and had to tell the grandparents and immediate family as i felt really quite lonely not telling them somehow, and since then i have let it slip to a few people at work and at the gym. We are going to tell the rest of our freinds and distanced family via christmas cards, signed from us and bump!
    that is if we havent blabbed to every1 by then lol.
    hope u feel well, take care xx
  • I think it's a good idea to tell your closest friend.
  • One of my friends is a real blabber mouth no matter how much she promises not to tell I know she's on her mobile as soon as she leaves me, I accidentally let slip to her that we'd been trying for nearly 2yrs and since then she always asks me, I think I would wait and not tell her until the scan, but my other close friend I might tell!
  • the idea was to tell only the close family (parents, grandparents and siblings) but i cracked and told a close work friend the day i found out.

    i also told 3 of my best friends and dh told his 2 best friends (although we didnt tell each other that we had blabbed).

    everyone else we told either the day of the scan or just after.
  • Ive told a few people.... just hope everything goes ok and i'm not tempting fate! Work don't know and they ain't gonna know for a while!!
  • I told people from the day I knew....! About 6 weeks
  • My OH and I told our parents when I was about five weeks, but I waited until after the scan to tell everyone else.

    It wasn't a superstition thing - I just liked having a secret with OH. And I wanted to have pics, a real EDD (I had crazily irregular periods) and things like that. But it was lovely to have told people - and so nice to think that I'll now have six months of people asking if my bump is showing yet!

    Congratulations on the pg!
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