I have milk!!!!

Was reading last night and suddenly noticed my arm was wet. On closer inspection i found that my boobies were leaking because i was resting my arms on them!
Sorry, random post, i had to share as with my last baby i never produced any milk and was worried the same thing would happen again, but it appears i am in full working order!!


  • LOL oh hun that has made me laugh, I keep checking mine every night just in case LOL
    K xx
  • Oh flippin heck, I just wrote a nice post and hungry BE has eaten it up!

    Anyhoo, just wanted to say thats fab news, albeit a bit messy lol! How far gone are you? I've been having a little bit of leakage in the bath and shower but thats it so far, but plenty of time for all that...

    Glad that everything seems to be working for you hun,
    Take care

  • I'm 29 weeks, so quite late really, but nevermind, better late than never!! K-lou i think i was around 18 or 19 weeks with my first, so you could be any time now!
  • Oooh whats going on with BE, its eating replies!
  • hehe, know this sounds strange but cant wait to start leaking colostrum, cant remember when I got it with last pg?! you'll have to start wearing pads!!
    18+3 xx
  • Oh no really, I really really do not want to leak LOL i just can't imahine it.

    K xx
  • I've bought some pads...just in case! I want to be prepared! x
  • Oh no i didn't even know this happened! I don't want to leak! Lisa 15+4
  • That's really cool for you hun! I have started leaking too and am 27wks but when it first hapened it freaked me out a bit, just made me look at my body in a totally different way and not feeling so attractive anymore :cry:
  • Awww Ellisy, there is nothing more attractive than a pregnant woman! (well in my opinion anyway lol)
    It is a bit of a pain leaking, but its not huge amounts and breast pads are great, they dont even notice inside your bra, and at least then you know you'll have milk for your baby if you decide to breast feed! xxx
  • That's great! Must be a relief! I started getting a bit of leaking last Friday and it now seems to just be a bit every night! But I am quite proud of it as at least I know they are working!
    Tara 31+5
  • Brilliant news, you must be so relieved.

    I started leaking at 28 weeks but it has only happened 3 times and has only ever been a tiny amount, twice from my left nipple and last night from my right but never both?!

    Bec 29+5 x
  • lol!! what u r leaking is colostrum hun,this is what baby will get for the 1st few days after birth.Your milk will come in somewhere between day 3-5 after giving birth.Theres no need to worry to anyone that dosent leak during pregnancy,i never leaked during my last pregnancy and am still breastfeeding my daughter whos almost 10 mths old.Get those breast pads ready tho!! hehe xxx
  • Thanks Lynz you're right and reading everyone else's posts I should be proud I am working and making something to help feed my baby as I will be breastfeeding.

  • hollysmum+bump - Thanks for putting that as some mum's don;t leak and still w ork just fine. I must say I am not looking forward to leaking but some of my friends did and they said the pads were greatimage

    K xx
  • the tommee tippee ones were the only ones that would soak my milk up in the early months after birth! xxx
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