Daddy to Be Christmas Card

Hi all,

I've just been out shopping and found a Daddy to Be Christmas Card in Clintons!! It's got a teddy on the front. I brought one for my hubby from our bumpimage. I thought this might be a good idea for those of you that have got your BFP's but haven't told your OH yet.

Merry Christmas and Sparkly, Sticky baybdust to you all!

BabyChicken26 & Bump


  • aww thats so sweet, i had no idea they done cards like that!

    Hannah 23+5 xx
  • OMG i have been looking everywhere for one of those! They used to do a selection of cards from us and the bump but stopped them image thank you so much!
  • That's ok Tracey image I didn't think I would find one but there it was without me really looking! I hope he likes it image I've bought him a pooh bear from Disney from bump too!!
  • The poor bear, does that have from the bump on it?
  • :cry:

    I looked in Clintons but couldn't find one!!! I bought OH a chocolate block from thornton's saying "to my daddy, merry xmas love baby smed" (thats what we call our bump!!)

    I wanted a card to go with it & a baby grow saying I love my daddy! But couldn't find those two!!

  • Butterfly - they have some real cute babygrows in boots with i love my daddy on and some cute little scratch mits to match - just a thought as you were looking for some image Think the chocolate bar from Thorntons is a great idea!

    have been looking for Daddy-to-be-card everywhere, will try a different clintons and see if they have one!

  • I made hubbys on Moonpig with scan pic on saying happy xmas daddy.
  • buterfly have you tried Next, I got one there when it was fathers day. I think it was pretty cheap too about ??4 or so.

  • i bought one of these nearly 3 years ago when i was pregnant with my son,they havent changed the picture then :lol: he loved it


  • Oh I wish I'd of seen this before I bought him a card!!!
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