Labour ward at 19 weeks!

Reading the posts hear yesterday about SPD & having my period pains sore hip bones ect encouragaed me to ring the midwife just to check... but i was told to go right it to the labour ward! was there for 4 and a half hours! althought got seen pretty quickly as i was crying! I kept saying I dont want to be in labour the baby is not ready...

Any way the are good as gold! got seen too! was told to take it real easy not to much walking, not carrying anything, if i'm standing try to sit, if i'm sitting try to lie down... the doctor asked me about work but i told her i onlt have 4 weeks left so spend most of my day looking busy rather than being so what can they do sack me?? she laughted! Had internal and not diolated at all... which is fantastic! but not sure what it is fully send some swabs off for testing and have a few days off...

While I was there on my way in there was a very pregnant girl smoking out side - i just wanted to kick her head in (not normally violent!!) but i cried over having half a milk shake and its all ive done and just felt angry that others that could take risks and it was me in hospital thinking i was loosing my baby boy... didnt say to her what i wanted just through a filfty look from my tearfilled eyes! :cry:

Baby seems strong any ways - but have been a little fightered by it all and feeling a bit vunrable and tearful! really want this child and took two and a half years to get pregnant if i lost him ... i honest to god dont believe i could cope! I know coming here and sharing will help.. it has done every time so far! xxx


  • forgot to add there were girls there in labuor but in 4 and a half - 5 hours i didnt hear a sole screem! & they are completely redecorating and should be done by the time i should be in labour so two things extra as a niceity! x
  • My bf's mum said when she went into labour she had natural birth and said that she heard other woman screaming and didn't want to scream and sound silly like them so didn't utter a single sound when in labour with her second son.

    When I showed my bf a video of a woman in labour he said my mother is a psycho for not screaming. He has a new found respect for all you ladies on here going through that.

    I'm glad your doing alot better love!!! I'm 28 weeks tomorrow. And getting more and more nervous. I still have to move in 4 weeks and then baby shower. And then maternity leave. Full schedule. I better start taking it easy from there. Take the nursery step by step
  • oh honey so glad things are ok... thinking of you lots, just make sure you rest now!!! it must have been so awful of you but obviously your little baby is a fighter.

    and i know what you mean about seeing other peeople take risks when you are trying so so hard to do everything right!!!

    anyway babe, big hugs glad things are ok.
    em xxx
  • lol read my post back a little mixed and matched but girls thank you for your kind comments cause i really needed them this morning! x
  • Sorry to hear about this missus, plenty of rest & try to take it as easy as you can & think positively because negative thinking won't get you far. All will be fine & in 21 weeks when your holding your son in your arms you'll not even remember all of this.
    Lauren (35+4) x x x

    PS- I was bleeding for 5 days at 16 weeks & due to MC 3 years ago was convinced I was losing the baby but it was just a cut in my cervix (i think it was there anyway lol) so nothing too much to worry about xx
  • HI

    glad things were ok for you, i bet you was a right state (i would have been)
    As far as screaming goes, when i had my son 18 months ago i had to go to the delivery suite at about 7 months as i'd had some complications and you could hear a women screaming in the back ground! My partner obviously heard her and just randomly started singing so i couldnt hear her! as if i wouldnt wonder why he just burst into song! lol god it made me laugh!

    Anyone that doesnt scream or at least shout during labour must be extremely strong willed! I was fine for the first 38 hours then cried like a baby! im so soft! lol
  • i thought you lasted well! i was just glad i didnt have to listen to it to put the fear of god into me haha x
  • Just think scientology - no noise, just a little smile on your face!!! I can smugly say this as I'll be having a c section (and will probably still be bawling and shouting!!!)
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