me and oh done test this morning and it was a BFP!!!image we are so pleased! such a nice valentines gift for the both of us, we are overjoyed at expanding our family! we already have a 19 week old baby! image we felt the time was right to start trying for another one and it only took us 2 months of ttc, im suprised it happened so quick as last time it took 9 months!! we didnt quite expect the bfp so aswell as being overjoyed we are also worried about how it will be having two babies, 1 just turned one and a new born baby. has any got any experience of this and could offer me help?

imagethank you very much for reading image xxx im so excited xxx sorry to go onimage

take care everyone ;\)


  • VickiR has had a similar situation recently too congrats on BFP though... surely you thought about the age gap b4 ttc? its a lil hard work but worth it in the end when it comes to the closeness of the kids great valentines prezzy for the two of you lol this is my first but have heard plenty of support in situations like yours and that seems to be the general consensus image
  • Congratulations...thats two BFP for the forum today by the looks of the posts!! What a happy Valentine's day!
    I don't have first-hand experience of having two little ones as this is my first, but my friend & her oh had 3 very close together & they are one of the most lovely families i know. Their boy (eldest) & 2 girls all get on v v well and are a real credit to their Mum & Dad!
    All the very best!
    Sarah xx
  • Hi Debz, congratulations here's to a happy healthy pregnancy!
  • Congratulations, another valentines present to never forget.
    I am expecting my first but my cousin had 2 in nappies, one was just a year and an month when number 2 was born. It was hard for her as neither were sleeping through but it was all worth it in the end, they get on so well together now and keep each other occupied better than 2 that are further apart I suppose.

    Good luck with pregnancy.
    Em x
  • Congratulations! When are you due? If it's in October do pop into the October 08 forum to see us. xxx
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