has anyone experienced this before??? maybe tmi

i hope someone can help me. I came in from work today and felt absolutely shattered. OH came in and was going to make tea but i wasn't hungry so went for a lie down for an hour. I could feel the baby moving and still can but woke up feeling really sick. I ran to bathroom and was physically sick then i started gettin cramps really low down in my belly. i felt the urge to do a number 2 but when it happened it was really runny but lots and lots of it. Sorry, that's disgusting i know.

OH was really trying to do his best but i couldn't cope with him being in bathroom at this point and all he could say was ' i don't know what i should do! '

i'm sure everything is fine with baby as i can still feel it punching me now but i'm not quite sure what's just hapened to me! i'm 27 weeks at the minute and have my next MW appointment next wednesday.


  • Dont know what TMI is but you may have just picked up a stomache bug. Might be worth calling your midwife for advice, or even NHS direct who are great.
  • Not sure what TMI is but about a week ago I was feeling utterly shattered and sick. I also almost passed out at work. Doc reckoned it was down to low blood pressure and overdoing it. After a few days I was back to normal. Im 29 weeks at the moment. Put your mind at rest though and give your midwife a bell just in case.
  • TMI - to much info

    not sure darling but hope you feel better soon! x
  • tmi = too much information.

    i havent had it, but by your symptoms it could be the vomitting and diahorrea tummy bug that has been going around. I know people at owrk who have had it and they said they had some stomach cramping with it. Make sure ur drinking fluid though. Even if its just sipping water.If unsure, speak to your midwife. xxx
  • I hjad that with pg no4 and mine was an adverse reaction brought on by a water infection so please call mw or gp to get chk'd out hun. I was also 26 weeks at the time, hubby was at work and I ended up calling an ambulance as couldn't stop being sick and poo-ing and was worried for bubs.

    feel for ya hun, take care but make that call, just to be safe. xx


  • thanks for all of your replies. i'm going to try and have some toast and will make sure i drink plenty water. A couple of the girls in the office have been ill recently but they have both been migraine things. Fingers crossed it was a one off but i will mention it when i see the MW next time.

    i just panic all the time that it's going to show up weeks early or that something is going wrong!

    it is clearly having fun as it is kicking me to bits this second
  • sounds like me all the time with my IBS lol. sorry shouldn't joke. i hope your alright. xx


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  • I had this at about the same number of weeks and it was a virus I really thought at the time though that I was in labour. If you are not feeling better in the morning then it can't hurt to call the doctor or your mw just to be on the safe side.
    Hope you feel better soon

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