ok before anyone tells me im killing my LO by smoking, i know how dangerous it is for my unborn by me smoking. But let me defend myself by saying i have smoked for 15 years and was advised that if i did try to quit then i should do so very slowly as my blood pressure regularly gets my in and out of hospital. curse my mothers When i found out i was pregnant i gave up smoking and was then taking to hospital and had o stay for three nights because my blood pressure was so high that they wouldnt let me go and were so worried about the baby. in the end the doctor told me to go and have a fag in a desperate attempt that it would lower my blood pressure and help me relax and it did.

anyway with that all explained, can i just ask if there are any other smokers on here?


  • Hi! I'm not a smoker myself but know quite a few people who struggled to give up during pregnancy. it must be really hard for you. I can't imagine what its like - I'm bad enough with my addiction to tea - but luckily I've been able to switch to decaf!
    Maybe you should just try to set yourself a target of cutting down, rather than completely giving up. Even a few less cigarettes a day will benefit your baby. Good Luck with it honey XXX
  • Hiya babe,

    I had been a heavy smoker for 23 years (40 a day) and it was starting to really bother me! Both the health of my family (inc lo) and especially the amount of money I was spending. Then 12 days ago I went for hypnosis and I havent touched one since!

    I was advised to cut down due to the additional stress but in the end I was stressing over the amount I was smoking so it was a case of both options were stressing me - I took the cheaper option! I had to do it this way (the drastic option) because cutting down was not working for me.

    I understand completely how you feel! You know what is best for you hon and your honesty is to be applauded in my opinion.

    Good luck babe, Love Lee xxxxx
  • Hi hun...I still smoke...I have 2 a day max which I think is a huge acheivement as I was on 20 a day. I've had people give me filthy looks since my bump is now showing but to be honest one women who was very overweight and was drinking a pint. I thought you can't really talk love you look like a heart attack waiting to happen!!!
    I know people are entitled to their opinion and don't get me wrong I do feel guilty but I have chosen to smoke. I havn't tried to deny it to anybody, my midwife knows, my family know etc.

    Katie and bambino.x x x

  • Hi babe, I have gone from smoking about 20 day down to 2 now and like you I have been honest about it and told my midwife and she has been nothing but supportive. Has advised me that although it would be good to stop that I should be proud of myself for doing so well, she said in her experience it was better to have a couple as this will keep the cravings at bay and hopefully stop me going back to my old habits. Must admit though I wont smoke on the street as afraid of what other might say!!!
  • ok yh me too i have on average 2 a day some ppl look at me funny on the street but i dont give a shit anymore i was on 20 a day b4 so im damn proud of myself!!!! i know i should quit but i havent been able to and yes i have tried but i started to have dreams about smoking and i would wake up like it was a nightmare ( a human size ciggy chasing me down the street) so yh i have 2 a day and enjoy them throughly!!
  • hi i used to smoke 15 a day managed to cut that down to one after dinner and one after tea as this is when i get my strongest urges. I find the only people who are critical about it are none smokers and since they dont know what its like they carnt really understand how hard it is .I dont drink or take drugs so i dont think 2 fags a day is bad.
  • sweetie i smoked till my morning sickness came on,, with my 2 m/c i smoked as normall 20-30 aday and this time round tryed makeing myself stop but like the others got more stressed about it and mw told me to carry on if it de stresssed me, although my morning sickness didnt kick in till 10-13 weeks when it did the minute i smelt a cig i was being sick and the smell on my oh made me gag so it made me give up cos i wanted the sickness to stop. my sickness carryed on till i was 5 months and im sooo greatfull as it ment i didnt touch a cig all that time which to me felt like winning the lottery !!! i was so proud that after years of puffing away i had gone this long ! i was naughty though,, i did try and smoke one at work as i was so stressed and the instant i sparked up i felt ill as it reminded of the tolit i was so used to leaning over!!

    its like linsey1980 said its always the non smokers that critisize as they have no idea how much of an addiction it is !!
    you know your body and baby and you will know whats right for you x
  • Hey,

    Can I say to begin with I think it's really courageous of you to admit on a website like this that you are still smoking because there are so many opinionated people!!
    I was a smoker for about 8 years (started young!) & smoked 20 a day for the past 5 years but when I became pregnant I cut down on them & then the cigarettes were making me ill so I was able to give up almost altogether.

    You know the risks & you know the potential damage so you don't need anyone else to go on about it & I still have to odd puff now & then & my friend smoked the whole way through her pregnancy & her LO was 6lb 12oz & is a cracker now!
    She didn't have a low birth weight, she isn't unreceptive, she's a good sleeper & basically I can't see that her Mum smoking affected her in any way so don't beat yourself up about it!

    My OH still smokes & smokes around me but he cracked up when I took a few draws of his ciggie after i'd had an argument with my mum & needed to calm down- he couldn't understand that having a ciggie would calm me more than bloody deep breathing!!!!!!

    Anyway each to their own & so long as you are healthy & happy & the baby is developing well then stuff the rest of them!

    Lauren (34+1) xoxo
  • thanks gals. i only have about three or four a day. sometimes i will get through about five but thats only if im giving im petrified of it. i used to be on 20-30 a day and as still smoking that much until i found out i was gone 11weeks thats when i tryed to stop completely and ended up in hospital. but never the less, thanks for all your advice, i guess like most you said, four max is better than thirty a day. my midwife and doctor knows as i was so worried when they finally told me i was preg and i had been smoking through the babys most crucial time, but the doctor said if i had known earlier and quit my blod pressure could have caused an etopic pregnancy. pretty sure thats like an early misscarriage. sorry not that clued up about early pregnancy.

    But thanks ladys you have made me feel less a 'murder' as one old lady caled me on the bus the other day. Funny thing was i was only holding a box and lighter belonging to my best mate while she searched for her oyster. lol noisy bitch. well needless to say, i gave her a piece of my stored up hormones!!

    Thanks again!!
  • Hi,
    I smoked for about 8 years (started young) and was smoking upto 20 a day. The day i found out i was expecting my first child i quit and have never smoked since! (im pregnant with my second) My family and friends were all supportive and no one smoked any where round me. I think you have all done really well to cut down so much, but this really is the time were you need to beat the habit. That cig that your having risks killing or harming your child. Is that couple of minutes of nicotine really worth it?
    I'm sorry if i come across as opinionated, but if you choose to bring a child into this world you should do everything in your power to protect that child and give it the best start in life. Dont you?
  • Hi i still smoke more then most of you i find it very hard to stop as i get very stressed and bored. i am really going to try and give up when i have had my lo as i think it will be a lot easier well im hoping i know that when i go in 2 labour having a fag will calm me down a lot. i know its not good for lo but i think that its so easy for people who dont smoke to say that its wrong and how can you knowing that you r pregnant but it aint that easy ay all and i think people that do give up are so strong.
    tori (33+6)
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