best midwife appt yet

I had a midwife appointment today and I have to say I am really pleased.

I was talking to her about how I am not advised to go to term and how unimpressed I was with my last consultant appointment.
I explained that I am pretty convinced he didn't read my notes as he never asked me anything about my last 2 pregnancies. When I explained my back condition and he had no interest at all and didn't want to see me again till I was 37 weeks where upon he would tell me when he would deliver Grace.

WELL, when I told her all this today she asked me in more detail about what he had said so she logged into the hospital appointments list to see if the referrals he wanted had indeed been done as I had still heard nothing. They have been done so I am now waiting to hear from the Anethitist and my back consultant before I know what is happening.
She then phoned the appointments people in Gynae and changed my appointment from 37 weeks to 35 so I am seen quicker and can make arrangements earlier.

Prob doesn't seem a massive deal, but for mme today that made all the difference.


  • Hello,
    That sounds like great news to me, sure that the later they leave it for you the worse it seems!!
    I'm only 13 weeks and found out on the 20th March that my consultant refferal has 'gone missing' so my midwife had to do it again today. Which they say is fine as I'm so early-just worried as they are really behind at the hospital. I had quite a new kind of spine surgery in November 2006 and am dreading how it may be affected with my pregnancy. No one seems to be able to advise me either!!
    I hope you get your appointments through soon, and good luck with everything!!!
    Lydia xx
  • ooops!! sent it twice!!

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  • Glad your mw took the time to listen and reassure you hun, sometimes these top docs and consultants forget why they are in that job and just dont listen! Nice that you feel happier and more relaxed. Good luck xx

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