am i in labour?!?

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im so confused as this is my first baby. im due tommorrow and have been having what i think are contractions for the past 2days (im having one now!) its like REALLY bad period pains coming every 5mins almost to the second and then going. i was having them on tuesday but they wernt regular-coming every 10 mins then 5 then 15 etc but yesturday they were every 5mins from 1pm till 11pm then they sort of phased out. i went to bed and was woken up in the night by them but went back to sleep again as they wernt that painful. woke up this morning and they started about 5mins after waking! theyve been regular for a couple of hours then irregular and it keeps going on like this.
when i was having them yesturday i was all over the place in pain and couldnt talk and also felt very sick but 2day iv been walking around town! im so confused, i just want this baby to come out!

has anyone else had the same thing and then given birth soon after? or just some advise would be good! :\(

thanx ladies, charlie and boy bump xxxxx


  • Charlie
    Make the phone call, sounds just like how mine began.
    Best of Luck
  • You should perhaps ting your midwife to be sure.

    Hope all is going well and that you'll become a mummy soon

  • i phoned them yesturday when they were really bad (theyve kind of stopped now) and she said just to call again if my waters break, i pass the show or the pains get worse.if they get worse il call them again. xx
  • i'm so excited for u!!! yey xx
  • It sounds like labour to me. Exactly the same thing happened to me, i was having contractions for over a day then they just stopped!! I gave birth the next night! Anyway i hope your little bundle of joy is on their way, keep us all informed x
  • ive had the same thing happenin for the last few nights last night esp i thought i was in labour as i got woken up around midnight n could'n get comfy cos the pains keep comin n goin n i had backache ive had the same pains happenin again this now 40+1

  • theyve stopped again!! wots going on?! i got woken up last night 3times with the worst pains so far but woke up this morning and felt fine. had a little bit of acheing earlier but nothing atal now image

    think i had my shiw this morning aswell, it was quite thick but clear (sorry if tmi!) are they usually like this? xx
  • Hi yes, think the show can be clear and thick someone described it like a ball of snot - mine was thick and had a hint of brown in sorry to be indepth there. Let us know how you get on.... all the best. xx

  • sounds like u cud b in slow labour hun,bet its frustrating but im sure ur lo will soon b here! hanna 35 wks xxx
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