What happens after 12 week scan (bloods)


I'm a bit confused about what I should be doing now. I had the 12 week scan at which I was dated 13 weeks. The midwife rushed through a lot of paperwork and someone took some general bloods. We were told to book a 20 week scan (which we did) and spina bifida bloods would be sorted by community midwife. Having not heard from community midwife, I rang to book an appointment. She said the bloods needed to be taken at 15+ weeks but the appointment that the GPs sugery gave me will make me 14+6. Should I be having a check up/bloods at 14 weeks or do people generally see no one from 12 week scan to 16 week appointment.

Cheers! x


  • I didn't see anyone from 10 to 16 weeks (I didn't have a 12 week scan as I had to have an emergency scan at 9 weeks so they decided I didn't need one :roll: ) I think it depends on the area though - maybe call your midwife? xxx


  • Thanks for the replies - they are a great help. I think I will re-arrange appointment for 16 weeks. As it happens I have a doctors appointment on Monday and so I will double check with her at the end of the appointment then re-book. x
  • Hi Secretmama!!
    I had an appointment at 13 weeks but wont have another till 18 weeks-I think it's only like that because my booking appointment was early so it sounds about right!

    I went to have those bloods today but as I'm a few days off 15 +4 they wouldn't do them!! So I have to go back Friday or Monday!! If you have any concerns before your next appointment just call them but I think generally the appointments are 5 weeks apart till near the end!!

    Lydia xx

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