kinda off topic i know

but i've been sat here grinning to myself all day and have no1 to gloat to so i thought i'd put it in here and to most it wont make sense but hey

i've been teaching my mates 7yr old to crochet and we've not got far she learnt the stitches but couldn't work out the holes and and what not so over xmas i decided to change tactic and she made her first granny square last night!!!! was soooo PROUD of her it really made my day as my SPD was horrendous yesterday was stood waiting for partner to pick me up for 15 mins not knowing whre he was crying i was in so much pain... so i was bed ridden so we had her crochet lesson in bed lol she thoroughly loved it nd was so proud of herself it made me smile! i've been crocheting for nearly 2 years and although make a few thing i do it for therapy! especially since packing in smoking the month after i learnt lol.
it's nice to pass on a bit of history to a younger generation.

I taught her mom too so she could encourage her at home and it seems the 3yr old has taken to chaining with a hook too imageimageimage AMAZING a crocheting family. Anyways finished gloating over my proud moment lol
there was other things to the night but they are on another thread and no point in reposting image
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  • Awwww...that's really sweet. My grandma has crocheted some blankets for the baby but I have no idea how to do it. I should call her & ask her to do a blue one now we know it's a boy...She made all these rainbow ones for my little brother when he was born even though he is my dad's son & not my mums so isn't related to her.

    I am completely hopeless at knitting so I've never tried crochet.
    My stepsister is an amazing knitter though, when we did it at school she did it all for me haha, there was all this mangy holey knitting (me) and then a nice neat patch (her)!

    I can't even do cross stich! Hehe! I got a D in Textiles GCSE. I can sew a button on though...x
  • i find crochet far easier adn quicker than knitting and its not to hard to teach only have one stitch to drop and can do a granny square very proficiently lol when i sort out my conection between phone and comp i'll upload pics of baby's 1st bblanky and her square i'm so proud of her lol sorry hehehe
  • that is so sweet, and also will have taken your mind off SPD even for a moment
  • yep it did as i walked her through it step by step showing her and doing one to compare it to a lil loose but for a first attempt it was brilliant! wish i lived closer to more ppl who want to learn hahaha
  • That is soooo sweet! Its an unusual hobby now aint it - I remember my nan and aunty doing it for my boys but I dont know anybody now who crochets! I think they tried to teach me to knit when I was young but I have got the patience of a gnat lol
    Nice to see its coming back for a new generation - its really girly and nice.
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