Would i be entitled to maternity allowance?

hi ladies

im confused..again...lol

right, i was employed from march 2008, went on maternity leave in august 2009, and was due to go back to work in june 2010, but i didnt, i handed my notice in. so iv been technically umemployed since june 2010. my question is, im currently recieving job seekers allowance, and claim child benefit and child tax credit/working tax credit for my ds, im now 7 weeks pregnant and still looking for a job, but if i took a job now, being that im expecting again, would i be entitled to maternity allowance? i wouldnt get maternity pay from a new employer would i, as im already pregnant, i think you have to be working somewhere before you get pregnant to be entitled to that? i had an interview last week and im hoping to hear back from them early next week, so just want to check if i would get maternity allowance?

thanks xx


  • i would go to the job centre or CAB to ask them but im sure you qualify for maternity allowance even if you dont get another job, as you have been classed as working up untill june 2010, if that makes sense?? xx
  • I have been looking into this as me thought I might be entitled to it.
    I called the job centre who gave me a number.
    I called them and basically my 66 weeks runs from 4 October to 8 jan so I have to be employed/self employed for 26 wks of that period.
    I think you have to count 66 was back from your due date to get your timeframe.
    I left my job the end of October hut have been self employed since end of July so hopefully I'll just scrape in to be entitled to it.
    I can't remember where I put the number but if you call job centre they can give it to you.
    You were still employed on mat leave so you should be entitled I'd imagine.
    Hope this helps
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