The Baby show (in feb forum aswell)

Is anyone going or thinking of going?
Are the offers any good and the freebies.
I want to go but need to pursuade the OH :]


  • We went to the London Show a few weeks ago. First offer... we were walking to the door and a very kind lady offered us two complimentary tickets (she was an exhibitor)!!! Saved us thirty quid!!!

    My advice would be get there early - the London show got manically busy after lunchtime. You couldn't move! Suffice to say we left fairly swiftly...!!!

    We went to look for nursery furniture and found a good deal on some Mamas and Papas nursery furniture which we love. However, after making a phone call to my sister, she checked online and Mamas and Papas stores were selling it at the same price - not such a great deal.

    There were lots of good prices on the Quinny Buzz - packages including the buggy, car seat, foot muff, carry-cot etc. We had decided to buy a Quinny but when I saw how many people had them and were buying them, we got put off (sorry don't wish to offend, but I don't want something everyone has - didn't know they were so popular!!!) so we've brought a Mamas and Papas buggy thingy.

    The Tommy Tippee stand was good and their prices were really good. We were going to buy a steamer, extra bottles and breast pump but got chatting to their midwife who talked us out of it!

    I ended up subscribing to Prima Baby mag and got a free breast pump anyway!!!

    Mothercare had 10% off everything - but by the time we made it over there, blimey, the queue, I've never seen anything like it!!!

    Of course this is the London show, the others could be different!

    Sorry, I hope I've not put you off at all - we really enjoyed it and I'd def. recommend going, but it got really busy which wasn't nice - to the point were people were pushing other people around to try and speak to a Salesperson!!!

    Joo xxx
  • Hi I'm going to the one in Manchester on 15th Nov. I've seen the pram I want in mothercare but am ordering it at the show to get 10% off. I was going anyway just for a good look around with my mum but that will be an added bonus.
  • I went to the london one too and found it really good, we were there after lunch from about 1-3pm and it was quieter then, well i imagine it was quieter than what joo has said it was at lunchtime! Really good to have a look around, we picked up a nappywrapper starter pack normally ??35 for ??10, a nice mamas & papas baby bath and rest thing for in the bath for 25 and a few other things, also got discount codes for tens machine ??10 off, and free samples of a lot of stuff too :\) got a really nice cot too which we had been struggling to find i think it was 230 altogether with the good quality mattress and that includes delivery too, who knew it would be so hard to find a nice cot that has drop down sides, none of the mamas and papas ones do (they conveniently recently discontinued the one we had been looking at since the beginning of my pregnancy - one specially made to go next to your bed for easy breastfeeding etc) and the ones similair to this in mothercare and john lewis looked quite cheap and flimsy and i have heard bad reviews on, so we were really happy to find a nice one finally! i think its def worth it if there is bits you need and a lot easier to do it all in one place in one go :\)
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