so pleased...

Just been on the phone to the midwife and going to have a dating scan on Tuesday!

I am so pleased - as those that saw another post of mine I have convinced myself that I either have twins or am 4 weeks further along as I really do have quite a baby bump - so I think I am either 8 weeks today or 12 weeks!

Really looking forward to seeing whats going on in there!!! Just fingers crossed everything is ok



8 or 12 today


  • Im the same hun Im 12+1 today and am mahoosive - have been for weeks now! Next Fri will be the day I find out if im just further gone or have a small army growing inside me!

    good luck


  • Thats fab!
    this was my (what i thought was 8 week bump)

    and was convinced i was either further on or twins, after scan baby looked huge and was a lot more detail than my 12 week scan with first baby, so was expecting her to say i was quite far gone, but she said i was exactly 12weeks that day (by then i thought i was 13+1) bit disappointed but was just so happy everything was ok, i am now 13weeks today.
    good luck for your scan xxx
  • congratulations samantha!!!
  • congrats, hope all goes ok. xxx
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