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I've just been to my booking appointment and the midwife is a man! I don't mind, he seems nice enough and got blood out of me with no bruising which is an achievement. Anyone else got a male midwife?


  • I met a couple when I was preg with Abby, but that's about it. xxx
  • I saw a male midwife after i had given birth but no other male midwife throughout my pregnancy or birth. x
  • My first baby was delivered by a male midwife. He was fantastic, it didn't seem odd and he was funny and calming - When we heard that there was a male midwife at the the birth centre my hubby and I just knew we'd end up with him lol - When i was expecting my third my community midwife had a male midwifry student with her during my routine appointments - i do hope his confidence has built up in the last couple of years though as he seem unable to say the words, vagina, cervix or nipple without blushing poor guy lol
    Jo xxx

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  • Jojo, just reading about that poor student makes me giggle. Aw, sweet!

    I know a guy training to be a midwife, but haven't met one yet. All I could think would be that if he's in that much of a traditionally female field, then he must really want to be there. Like he couldn't just end up there by accident.
  • i don't ahve a male midwife, but i do have a male health visitor for ds, whcih i thought was unusual, not that i mind.

  • i see the same midwife each time who is part of a one-to-one team of about 5 midwives, but she's off for a few weeks over my next couple of appointments so i'm seeing a male midwife who is part of the team. not really sure how i feel about it to be honest, i feel a bit mean seeing as i haven't even met him but i am kind of hoping he won't be the one to deliver my baby as i think i'd be more comfortable with a woman! same for if i have to have a sweep or any other internal checks you have to have (don't really know about this actually!) i know i'm going to be chucked in the deep end with this kind of thing and will have to suck it up, but i've never had anything like that before as i'm not 25 yet so don't have smear tests and haven't had any health problems down there so i'm a little bit anxious about it anyway!

    it is funny to think though that male midwives here are pretty unusual, but in other countries where your baby is delivered by a doctor they're often men and no one thinks anything of it.
  • g/c i had a student midwife who was male when i first went into labour. everything was fine and perfectly normal until they had to do an internal as my placenta was bleeding. then things got a bit akward as he was the same age as me and had done his first year of medicine at uni with my best friend! haha needless to say he disappeared for that bit lol however if it had been someone i didn't recognise i wouldn't have been bothered in the slightest. i just wanted my little b***** (lol) out. lol
  • I never had a male midwfie, but with my first, I had a male consultant who was the one who attempted to induce labour, and did a few internals and checks etc. I didn't really think about it at the time - as Jemmykins said, at that point you just want the little sod out! xxx
  • That kind of thing has never bothered me when its a man or a women, i always seem to get a student whos male when i go for gynae appointments, at one point i remember hubby joking that i had the Yorkshire Teaching Tuppence - Thank you very much hubby you're so charming!!!!!
    Jo xxx
  • on the ward after labour there was a male mw who was helping with latching on and other aspects of breastfeeding.
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