My MIL has sent a bag of "goodies" home with my DH today. It contains babygro's, vests etc. Ive just counted and she has got me 24 vests!!!! Surely I dont need that many????


  • Oh and to add that they are all the same size
  • lol 24 is rather alot but i'm sure its probably best to have too many than too few. also are they all in the same size or is it 12 newborn 12 0-3 cos that wld be pretty much perfect?


  • Teehee! You could give one to everyone on the Due in Dec forum, almost!

  • Ha Ha... perhaps she thinks you're having triplets. I always have 8 in each size, 4 long sleeved and 4 short sleeved! this works for me! vests don't tend to get grubby so i use one for every 24 hours unless his nappy has a little leakage (sitting and pooing = straight up the back) lol
    Taking into account EVERYONE buys newborn clothes (well they did with me) it sound like you may end up with 50!!!
    Hannah, 6month old Daniel and 5wks Bean! xxx
  • By the time you're lo has worn one at night, changed into a fresh one in the morning, had a leaky nappy, brought up milk, thats a posible 4 in one day, and the amount you need depends on how many times you want to pu the washing on! If they are still in the packets you could change one pack for the next size up? I had packs of things I didn't open incase I did't need them and mothercare were happy to give me an exchange.
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