Sorry just need to rant the dreaded MIL has phoned four times today (3 times yesterday when she knew we were having tea at a friend's house) and she's just bloomin phoned again now! I've lost track of the texts poor hubby has got today alone from her. Sorry for the moan but I need to get it out of my system, can't grumble at hubby, it's not his fault!



  • can totally sympathise....... chelle x
  • My MIL irritates the hell out of me, but fortunately doesn't call my mobile & we got caller id on landline, so i just ignore!!

    How come she phones you so much....sounds like she needs a hobby?!?
    Sarah xx
  • She phoned for no reason whatso ever! If you ignore the home phone she tries both our mobiles until you answer and if we don't answer then she will ring my mum!

    Tonight I think one phone call was to tell us she was buying a chair (!!!????) then the next was to tell hubby she was going to visit his sister tomorrow so if he rings and she doens't answer that's where she will be and I couldn't be bothered to ask him about the other times she rang today.

    She does need a hobby. Hubby has just been perfecting his words that he'll use when he tells her baby has been born, he's decided to text her not ring! Feel quite sorry for hubby at the mo, he really doesn't know what to do with her, she's getting worse.

    Glad to know other mil are the same.
  • Spedshaw I know the feeling. She will want to be here the second baby arrives and will keep bugging hubby to see when she can come. I want to be more confident with baby too, hubby agrees but feels he has to choose his words so carefully with her! They live 2 and a half hours drive away and she does hint at staying. Hubby has promised to take the bed apart in the spare room just so she can't! I can also see his dad and his latest woman inviting themselves up when hubby's sister comes. I've said no way to his dad coming (little bit of history there lol) and I can't be doing with a new baby and a house full especially as it is his dad! Hubby has already got the answers ready when they all ring, bless him.

    I'm not being ungrateful but she needs to get a life. She has had a new bloke since hubby was about 8 (his dad left when he was 5) but she still can't let go. I've already had the lecture of wanting to know what will happen when baby's born and when will we ring to tell her baby is here and how long will they keep me in hospital!!!! Argh!!!!! Oh and I'm a bad mum because I'm going back to work full time! All because hubby's sister didn't go back full time! I feel really stressed when I see it's her ringing!

    Must be awful having the sil as a student midwife, my hubby's sister is a children's nurse and that's bad enough!

  • I have been stressing about everyone visiting and crowding us. I can't bear the thought of it & actually already so stressed just thinking about it! It's so irritating as I want me & my oh to get to know our baby without him being passed round like a parcel the poor thing. I can really see how it could trigger postnatal depression Katie. I will get my oh to have a word with his family & me have a word with mine and ask them to keep their noses out (well most of the time!). xxx
  • I've been feeling the same too, that I would like some time on our own to bond with our baby before the family turns up. This is the 1st granchild on both sides and im realy feeling that im not going to get a look in with my own baby. I told my mother this, that I would like the rest of the family to give us a few days on our own before visiting and she told me that i am being selfish.

    My oh has infomed me that his mother is going to keep me company for the 2 weeks before the baby is born. Which i am dreading as if I go into labour when she is around she will make a point of staying around. I dont want her and the rest of the family (mine included) waiting outside the labour ward. We have agreed that we will phone everyone after the baby is born and not as soon as i go into labour and I think this is her way of getting around our wishes.

  • OH god families! thinking boundries boundries boundries!
    I'm 24 weeks plus 1 thinking i'll just keep mentioning it from now to EVERYONE that I want time with OH on our own to get to know baby! x
  • Spedshaw my baby is due in July.

    Got a text from mil tonight telling me she thinks my baby is a boy and that she's going to spoil it rotten. What was the point of the text???? I don't want it spoilt and if anyone will spoil it I will because it's my baby!

    I think I'll do what it must be love says and get hubby to start to tell her that we want time with baby once it is born ALONE! If he starts now it might sink in.

    Tiger lily - I know the stressful feeling!!!!
  • families!!! I guess there all the same lol I'm due at the start of aug which mil is very pleased about as she's an assistant teacher so will be on holiday. Oh the joy why I couldn't of got pg a month later I dont know. She made no secret of the fact she'll me off and able to spend the holidays with the baby. She even said how she hopes it isn't late so she gets plenty of time!! Tbh the very thought of it stresses me out she lives 5 mins away. I'm problebly making a big deal out of nothing but sometimes it makes me dread having the baby. argh!!!!!
  • Oh god im glad im not the only one dreading being crowded! The thing is i doubt our grandparents were so involved when we were born so i dont get why our parents are. We are telling people after the baby is born as i dont want everyone at the hospital, just me and hubby. I dont mind people visiting us at home once we are back from hospital but they have another thing coming if they think im making them cups of tea. Might just make up some bottles and go to bed til they have had enough lol.

    In laws dont bother me as much cos even though they live 2 mins away they dont visit that often but my family are HUGE and really close so will have to arrange a day (at someone elses house) when they can all coo over the baby.
  • I feel quite lucky with my family. Mum stays long way away and will come down for couple of days immediately after birth then go home and inlaws will want to be here all the time but will totally respect our wishes. Think the problem will be with friends wanting to come round at all times.
    It is so hard cos hubby will only have about 3 weeks off so want to just close the door on the rest of the world until we have bonded as a family. I think the idea of a day at someones house is very good, MKT86!
  • im moving on 23rd april - across the road to mil! i get on pretty well with her and thought it would be nice for her to see grandkids more often and also she will have kids evry now and then so i can catch up on housework (or sleep! ect)

    my OH sed it was a bad idea - bearing in mind its his mum!
    but all my family live in london so it would be nice to have that extra bit of support.

    im reading ur posts and starting to regret my decision a little bit. lets hope all goes well!

    i suppose i only have to shut the door in her face and leave the phone off the hook if things get bad!


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