Embarrassing pregnancy Brain...

I just had a phone call i'm at work - about collecting some tents that are ready ... slightly distracted thinking about my fella ... and was like yes ... yep well collect them asap... he gave me the price and I ment to say 'oh lovely' but what came out was 'oh love you' he just laughed! my manager was stood behind me and just laughed saying what ever gets us a discount!! :lol: :lol: how Embarrassing!

& on Friday I was trying to discreetly drink fybergel at my desk when the fella behind me was like 'whats that for?' I replied laughting at being caught saing 'i'm consitpated look' and not relising it hadn't quite set yet i tipped the entire cup up and all over his paper work and then burst out laughting because it looked like id done it on purpuse... it was sandy consistancy all over his desk! lol luckey he burst out laughting too!

I'm such a dizzy blonde at the mo its unreal! lol :lol: :lol:

Anyone else done silly things they wouldnt normally? x


  • I haven't had a brain since I got pregnant with Millie. My best trick was the day I took Millie for a long walk (she was about 4 months) and when I got back to our road I couldn't find which pocket I had put the keys in. I was still emptying pockets when the girl next door ran out waving them at me. I had locked the front door and then walked off, leaving keys in door with car keys dangling enticingly next to my car that was on the drive!
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