I passed out at work yesterday :(

Hi mums and bumps
I dont know whats wrong with me at the moment. I'm just so fed up of worrying about the baby all the time, I have an anterior placenta so I know its normal for me to not feel alot of movement but I'm constantly prodding my bump so the baby will have a wriggle so I know its ok. I've got too heartbeat monitors but I cant find the heartbeat on either of them. I keep having horrible dreams that something goes wrong with the baby. I'm 22+3 now and I just want to relax and enjoy the pregnancy but I cant, I'm so paranoid about something being wrong.
Yesterday it was pretty warm and I was at work, stood behind the till serving a customer and the sun was beating down on the back of my head and all of a sudden I felt like my head had been pushed underwater! My face went all cold and my eyesight went all funny and I couldnt hear properly and the next thing I knew I was on the floor! My manager said I was only out for a couple of minutes but it really freaked me out. what happened? I was sent home to rest and spent the rest of the afternoon lying on the sofa poking my poor bump! Why am I such a worrier? Whats wrong with me?


  • There's nothing wrong with you- it is natural to worry! Like you, my placenta is anterior, I can feel lots of movements but they are not that strong and I am often tempted to poke my bump to try and get the baby to wriggle! My husband tells me to leave the poor child alone. I've never tried using a heartbeat monitor myself, but I've heard that they can be quite tricky to get the hang of, and can cause you to stress even more. As long as you are feeling movements every now and again, you can be confident that the lo is ok.
    And while it can't have been much fun fainting at work in front of customers and so on, try to take it as a sign that your body is very definitely flooded with hormones and having to cope with the demands of a normal pregnancy!
  • I don't think there is a pregnant woman out there who doesn't worry about their unborn baby!! You're not alone. I also worried all through my pregnancy that the baby might not make it, but remember the chances are excellent for you to reach full term...is there any reason why you should think otherwise?

    I'm 32 weeks now and starting to relax because my baby is a hyperactive little thing and constantly on the go so I know she's ok.

    As for you fainting, have you had your iron levels checked yet? If you're ok, I suggest lots of cool fresh air and water next time you feel queezy. You are gona be fine hun, stop worrying and think of the miracle inside you!

    Take care now, Karys xxx


  • hiya hun i have an anterior placenta (mines high tho, dnt know if that makes diff) ofcourse ur gunna worry hun,im 35 weeks now and i have felt like such an obsessive worrier!!! evry little thing scares me, its normal (i hope lol) u have alittle bubs inside u and u will worry, defo get ur iron levels check tho hun. xxxx
  • Hey Carly, hope you're feeling a wee bit better today ?
    You know me I'm a gold medal worrier. Infact I think I'm in training for the olympics. It's completely natural to worry. Just try not to worry yourself sick.
    As someone else suggested might be worth getting your blood checked just in case. Suz x
  • Hi Carly, its hard not to worry when its something so precious but try and enjoy it while you can.

    I am 33 weeks and still cant find the heartbeat with my listening thingy! all i hear is my own guts swishing, so dont worry about that.
    I would go get your BP checked, fainting is normal and nothing to be concerned about but you may have low BP or anemia which they can help you with. I been docs today as im feeling dizzy and hot and she said i have low BP, theres nothing to do but rest but its nice to know why you feel how you feel!
    x x
  • Thanks girls. I feel a bit happier today as lo has moved quite a bit and I'm forbidden from watching coronation street. I've been feeling really dizzy today, I'm seeing the midwife a week on thurs so will mention it to her then.
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