what postion is lo ?

saw the midwife yesterday,she felt my bump and said he was head down, i was quite surprised has im only 28 +4 days. ,what week should the baby start engaging at?

got just under 12 weeks cant wait! lo always in my rib and it kills! have a job working when hes under my rib, its so sore! hope everyone and there lo are good? xxxx


  • Hey hey,

    My lo has been head down for a few weeks but it doesn't mean he is engaged I think it is very normal for them to be head down and they will probably flip around a few more times before bubby stays head down permanently

  • Hello, my lo has been head down since 26 weeks and he still is now (32+3). I can feel his feet pushing in me but it doesn't hurt at all, I must be weird lol as lots of people say it does! xxx
  • hia i saw my midwife yday too and lo was head down i'm also just over 28 weeks.my daughter was head down at the 20 week scan when i was last pregnant so i dnt think it means anything thing they usually engage in last week or so x
  • Hi all,
    I've not been told yet as 24+5, but tend to feel kicks and pressure on the righthand side!! I'm def can't wait to find out what bits where tho!
    Sarah xx
  • My LO has been head down since 28 weeks and still not engaged at 39 + 2!!! Having baby head down is perfect, exactly what you want.
  • im 33wks on sat and my baby has dropped into pelvis 3/5ths. so im back to needing the loo every 5mins. lol. xx
  • Hi i saw midwife and had a scan yesterday my LO is engaged but breech with her legs by the side of her head have been told not to worry as she will prob come out and turn yet im 32+2 my daughter was the same and turned at the last minute so hoping this girly will do the same Sophie 32+2 xx


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